July 9, 2015


The perfect potting bench with hand crafted pottery at the Terrain in Westport, CT

A couple of weeks ago we stopped in at the Westport location of Terrain (URBN, of Urban Outfitters and Anthropoloie's retail and mail order store for plant lovers and gardeners), here are a few photos to spark ideas and to inspire you this early, July day.

So hard to choose, but if you could only choose one gift item, what would it be? I hate this about Terrain!

Jess waits for me to catch up - at this amazing retail store which once was an auto dealer.

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Kevin c. vaughn

Specialist or enthusiast books seem to be falling out of fashion with most publishers - a sad but perhaps more efficient reality given that so much information is now available on the Web - but I do miss these reads, as they are not only some of the best ways to keep information organized about specific plants, but that these monographs and singular themes introduce new gardeners to plant material which otherwise might be overlooked - and so I was so please to see that iris expert Kevin Vaughn had written a masterpiece about a group of iris lumped together under the name - Beardless Iris.

Beardless Iris: A Plant for Every garden Situation (2015) will be a very useful book for both the beginner and the expert, or for anyone who already grows these plants but whom doesn't really know what to do with them, as it seems that any information about the beardless irises is hard to find. The images are spectacular, and the content is comprehensive, but be forewarned -in many ways, this book reads as if one compiled 30 issues of the journal of the Iris Society into one, single book - which makes it both tremendously content rich, but also tremendously content rich.

It might be more than you expected from a book on iris. Yet don't get me wrong, it's a valuable addition to the research library, and hey - you want to learn more about plants, right? You will learn much from this book.

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July 7, 2015


Joe used this new Vertical Tined tiller "right out of the box", insisting that we had to give it the Russian Roulette treatment. Let's see what it can handle.

More than most people, I am used to using those buzzwords we seem to hear all of the time - like 'Innovation',  'Raising the bar", or 'Game Changer', so when Troy-Bilt approached me to review a new roto-tiller for them, I had to admit that even though I knew that it would be a strong, dependable tiller, the idea that they 'reinvented it' raised some doubts. After all, it's just a rototiller - how much bar-raising could really happen? (so OK, I caved and agreed to try it.  Check this one out guys - it's got vertical tines (like an egg beater) - this thing might change that way you think about those old 'jumpin' and hoppin'. shoulder-poppin yard monsters that eventually sit in your garage or barn.

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