October 28, 2014


One of the few precious Shishigatano squashes that I grew this year. 

This year I grew some of the rarest and most treasured of Japanese squashes - particularly an old variety called Shishigatani from the early 1800's, the Edo period.   On of the Kyo Yasai, which means the traditional vegetables of Kyoto, it is prepared in many ways, celebrated on greeting cards, posters and artwork, and eaten to help avoid the flu and colds in late summer. Named for the Shishi valley in the Higashiyama area near Kyoto. It's a great example of what one can grow at home which cannot be found at garden centers anywhere,  nor at farm stands or at the market. I am very excited to try cooking it in a traditional Japanese method, sauteed in dash, sugar, sesame and soy sauce.

Furby, Fitbit and Flex - What Every Dude wants for Christmas

THE POWER BASE transforms into a very innovative system that will save tons of room, but can it change the way we think about lawn equipment? It may.

Not problem getting the Furby and the Fitbit, but you'll have to wait until spring to get your hands on one of the new Troy Bilt Flex. But mark my words - next spring? This toy  tool may change how everyone thinks about lawn equipment -- and here's why. One base, lots of fun attachments.  Simple. What guy (gal) wouldn't want this in his toy box garage. This may be one mower that actually makes it out to do the lawn! It's a Transformers-meets-leaf blower. Oh Mr. Witwicki - Pinch me, it's 2014.

October 26, 2014



I so wanted to attend the tri-state NARGS Rock Garden meeting and plant show this weekend at the New York Botanical Garden but I just couldn't get there without sacrificing planting bulbs, planting garlic and digging dahlia tubers which simply could not wait until next weekend.  I am certain that I missed a great event, but next year I will work on attending it as a priority ( if it is held every year - I need to check on that!). Just in case I did go, I would have brought this fabulous pot of Nerine sarniensis 'Inchemery Kate', but alas, it sits on the deck waiting to be brought back into the greenhouse to be seen by nobody. So, I thought that I would share a photo of it here. The Guy Wolff pot is one of my favorites, so I will repot it later, saving the pot for one of the amaryllis which arrived this week. Those, I will be repotting next weekend.