August 11, 2013

Outstanding Summer Containers

This fabulous golden explosion is no accident, thanks to some early-planted Proven Winners like their Flambe®  Chrysocephalum apiculatum ( that's it on the left). In bloom for 4 months now and still going!

I had low expectation with much of my garden this year, due to puppies, our crazy weather ( hottest July on record, wettest June on record, and now perhaps the coldest August?) and then, of course, my work-load, yet somehow, the plants are doing their best to be outstanding, so here are a few photos of some of my containers, most of which I have not fussed over - in fact, I dare say, I yanked succulents out of their pots and dropped their root balls into many of the containers on the deck, and then had to travel for work, so I never even filled in around them with soil. Still, they look pretty fine. Click MORE, to seem more images...

August 5, 2013

Repotting Cyclamen Species

Cyclamen coum, generally an outdoor species in milder gardens, must be grown under glass here in New England.
It may survive our winters, but it blooms while it is snowing outside, and heavy, wet snowcover is a condition it hates.

I repot my species Cyclamen collected every two or three years. A task, which must be undertaken while the tubers are dormant, which often means during those hottest mid-summer days near the end of July or the first week of August, when the pots are at their most dormant state, hot and dry, under the protection of the glass in the greenhouse. A dirty and dusty job, it is one which must be handled with care as even while these Mediterranean bulbous plants are at their most dormant period, many are already beginning new growth, as some nights have begun to turn cold ( 48º F last night!), and these tubers cannot seem to wait for Mother Nature to begin their autumn rains and cold nights to start their growing season. This week I had to rush home to repot the entire collection before some species started growing even more ( one was already in bloom with a single flower!). This year, I am discovering some dead tubers, some missing tubers and some tubers so large that....well, see for yourself! Click more below for Cyclamen awesomness!

August 4, 2013

Clipping Boxwood Hedges

Our many boxwood hedges make our little New England garden feel more like an English garden than
most anything else does. I think now that I cannot have enough. They all are clipped twice a year, once in mid summer, and again just before winter.
I've been clipping out boxwood hedges, in and around the parterre and the culinary herb garden for three weeks now - a little later than usual, as typically, we cut the box in June, and again in mid-September, but with a late spring, and a wetter then normal summer, the new growth on the boxwood matured later than normal. Late July may be late, but it won't hurt our many boxwood's, as most are English boxwood's, and can handle a hard cut most anytime during a wet summer. It seems the square footage of boxwood that I need to trim increases each year - here is how I handled the task this year...