July 9, 2013

Artichokes and Rediscovering Angel Wing Begonias

The Globe artichokes that I started from seed in early February were ready for harvest, with the rainiest June in history,
the heads where plump and large - not bad for seed-raised plants.
Remember those artichokes that I was trying to grow from seed this past February? Look what they did in the garden!

July 5, 2013

South American Cloud Forest Plants for your containers

Looking for something new and exciting for your summer containers that will make your neighbors jealous? I suggest using some of these newer introductions from South America - high elevation cloud forest plants ( available only from a few specialty growers on-line), that will have your outdoor decor ( and hummingbirds) looking totally swole.
For more about this discovery from my trip to San Francisco, click below.

July 4, 2013

A Day at the Garden Blogger's Fling

Garden Bloggers from across the country and Canada attended this years Garden Blogger's Fling in San Francisco. Who's that on the right? Why it's Robin Horton of Urban Gardens in CT - Snap!!
It looks like many where having a great time! The weather was perfect (hot!) and there
were so many attendees.  It was well organized, and planned.

Last weekend I participated in the Garden Blogger's Fling, which was hosted in San Francisco this year ( next year it will be held in Portland, OR).  Events like this are not only fun, they are a great way to meet fellow garden bloggers and to do fun stuff with them - here are some images from my trip to the Bay area and from the event last week.