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March 22, 2015


Perennial Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' does make a good pot plant in a cold greenhouse.  This one was a gift from the gal's at Blythewold Mansion two years ago. So little in the greenhouse looks good enough to photograph - I have no idea how I am going to rescue it for our garden party on May 1st.

Fair warning  - you may want to read this post first before you decide to vote this week for this blog as your most favorite gardening blog (it's in that pink circle ad up there on the right hand side column). I do hate asking folks to do things like that, but, after all, blogs are social media, and good ratings sometimes count.

Thanks in advance.

(One more thing - apparently there are lot of grammar and spelling errors in this post - which I apologize for in advance Trying to catch them all tonight.)

Really, I am not being negative, either.
I'm just being honest.

A nice rant.

Gardening advice - beginners crave for guidance, experts seek new inspiration, and everyone else in-between just wants to loose themselves in some gorgeous imagery and text that will transport them into some fantastical garden in their mind. I've been wondering lately if all of the abundance of information - Facebook groups, blogs, magazines, tweets and gardening product companies just might be over-informing us? I'm not sure yet about Pinterest, as I too am addicted to it, but as many of you know, it too can be over-used, or at the very least - misused.

 I beg to ask the question - what is gardening today? I imagine that the answers can be many, a way to grow food, agriculture perhaps, potted plants and house plants certainly, but another definition might be emerging - that of gardening as a craft. A DIY craft project, which isn't necessarily a bad thing at all, as what's wrong with creative expression? Plus, a child making a fairie garden might one day discover that he or she has suddenly fallen in love with gardening. So what then is my concern?