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February 17, 2010

Botanizing the wild side of eBay

Uniflora darwinii, the seeds of this South American alpine Calceolaria are available from Strange Wonderful Things, a seller of unusual plant material on eBay, a seller based in the San Francisco area.Sure, I agree.....type in "RARE PLANT" in the eBay search engine, and you will get everything from pink african violets, to worn out, paper thin 'rare' EMO Roger Plante concert t-shirts. In the odd world of ebay selling, a buyer has the advantage if they are savvy eBayer's, and if buying plants use their best knowledge. Yeah, everthing is a risk when buying it over eBay, but we are adults, and I will assume that you can easily sniff out the bogus from the brilliant. Still,even I get caught sometime, but hey, I guess that's the fun. It's a bit like playing Antiques Road Show, but honestly, I have recieved lots of great plants from ebay ( Heck, I've even sold lots on it!). So here is a whill around with some of what I found on-line while cruising from worn-out vintage Screen Star t_shirts a fetish of mine).

Deppea splendens, a 6 inch rooted cutting is also available right now by the seller Strange_wonderful_things, on eBay.

The rare Argentine Fuschia, F. tilletiana, also available from the Strange Wonderful Things site.

Other plants from Chile are available from a seller called potato-rock, who ships plants from California, here, another rarely seen Calceolaria.

Calceolaria arachnoidea

Impatiens namchabarwensis, a very unusual blue Imapatiens offered for sale from a seller that I have not bought from yet, called Tasteelectric. Lots of interesting things, but mostly from seed.

This Daylily, 'Geneva Firetruck' DF-B1C (Hanson 2002), plus many more, is available from BLUERIDGEBUTTONS, a store on eBay managed by Blue Ridge Daylilies. You name it, Hosta, Lilies, Daylilies, Peonies, Japanese Morning Glories, it all can be found on eBay. Usually, the better varieties and the hard-t0-find newer introductions are available too, since most collectors know that by the time a new Daylily reaches your local garden center, 30 years has gone by.