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August 28, 2010

If GLEE was a flower...

Gladiolus, straight and tall, at a Gladiolus society show hosted by the Western Massachusetts Gladiolus Society.

The poor, poor gladiolus. Under-appreciated, and more likely to be associated with funeral sprays and rubber-banded into boring take-away bundles at the super market, than the show bench, the lowly glad is sad. But wait.....it's not too late to change ones association with the Gladiolus....instead of church alter , think mass planting in perennial border. Instead funeral spray , think orchids on a stick. Instead of thinking of mesh bags at Home Depot t, think stately 5 foot tall spikes of fabulous color. Don't be mad, be glad!

 Here, a mini Glad called 'Holy Moly', captured a top award.

Here is my odd observation:  Glads are one of those plants that for whatever reason, men grow more than women. Probably because in the 1940's, the Gladiolus was sold in feed and grain and hardware stores, where corms could be purchased in the spring, when one bought their seed potatoes or onion sets. These were not ladies plants, and thus, were banished to the rear of the Asparagus beds or behind tomato plants, as if men were embarrassed to grow such lovely and yet, frivolous flowers.
So if you think ho hum, when someone mentions the Glad, think again. If the Dahlia can have a comeback party, maybe it's also time for the show Glad to have it's coming out party. If show choir's cna make a comeback, so too can the Glad.

Sure, they are more garishly colored, but I think the reasons men aren't repelled by them has to do more with their ease of culture ( carefree) than it has with the fact that they are flowers. I equate the cultural preference of men owning the outside grill,  of that with men growing glads. Glads are acceptable to men, because they are generally grown in the vegetable garden, and not in borders or beds. One never fusses over them; Glad's are a hose-em-down,  spread-manure-on-em type of plant. They are Simple and straight forward. They are not emotional or frilly. Planted in stiff rows, they are  more soldier like than graceful.  Glad's are man flowers through and through, as male as a steak on the grill.  They come in a color palette that ranged from fire engine red, to John Deer yellow. I associate them with steamy summer afternoons picking string beans under the hot sun,  baseball game playing on an outdoor radio, barefoot and shirtless, a cooler of beer or a swig of cool water from a garden hose. Glad's are pure summer.

August 7, 2009

A Sneak Peek at My New Magazine

OK, I can't stand it anymore, I need to share my project with you. Even though you cannot order it until next week when I announce it formally, and give you the link to subscribe. Here is a sneak peek of my new magazine called Matt Mattus - PLANT SOCIETY - The Magazine for People Serious About Plants.


As I prepare for my 'soft launch' next week, I wanted to share with you, my devoted ( an not so devoted!) readers my little project that you've perhaps already heard about. Next week I will announce the soft launch of Matt Mattus - Plant Society magazine. Essentially a blogazine, this is my experiment ( a big one) into the brand new world of digital publishing. In a partnership with a new web service called Magcloud, which is itself a beta test owned by Hewlett Packard Development Company, I will be writing, designing and offering subscriptions to my own paper magazine.

Starting as a quarterly this fall, this first printing is a test-a prototype issue, if you will. More info next week, for now, here are some screen captures to give you a taste of the content.