Available for innovative content creation / creative horticultural consultation for anything related to gardening, plants or horticulture and design.

  • KNOWLEDGE - Incomparably respected by other experts and highly knowledgeable in many specific areas of gardening. Have the ability to translate, simplify and recreate concepts for mass market consumers
  • EXPERIENCE - 40 plus years experience as a high-performance plant enthusiast
  • EXPERTISE - Considered an authority on bulbs, South African plants, home greenhouse culture, alpine plants, color  use in the garden and sensible vegetable culture.
  • PHOTOS - There are over 100,000 amazing and original photos in my personal image library - all are plants which that I have grown, many step-by-step projects, rare plants and thematic images artfully photographed.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN - As an award winning creative directer, obviously I can help advise with photo styling, design and graphic consultation with custom typography and layout as time and subject permits.
  • PRODUCT DESIGN -Available for garden product design - containers, pottery, structures and more.
  • WRITING - Writing for gardening magazines, lifestyle, books, digital content for gardeners. 


Available for assignment-specific content: You know, those that take time to grow and document.

Many gardening projects, if authentic, should take a complete year to complete from beginning to end. These are perfect projects for me since I already do these for my own blog. I also grow and review plants for people, as well as test varieties and plant introductions, using logic, good cultural practices and sensible evaluation from many thoughtful perspectives.

Contact matt at  mmattus@charter.net   for more information, or to discuss a specific project.