Looking for unique, more authentic creative content for your magazine, program or brand?

I may be able to help you (as long as it isn't toy related - you know, such as concept design, or anything even coming close to children's entertainment, family feature film or kids animation design -  contractually, I can't work on anything creative which legally could conflict with my day job as a creative director at Hasbro. That aside, I can work on garden themed or gardening and lifestyle creative projects on a case-by-case basis.

Plants, a lifestyle involving them, and design are just a few of the ways that I can help you.

Available for innovative content creation / creative horticultural consultation for anything related to gardening, plants or horticulture and design.

  • KNOWLEDGE - Incomparably respected by other experts and highly knowledgeable in many specific areas of gardening. Have the ability to translate, simplify and recreate concepts for mass market consumers
  • EXPERIENCE - 40 plus years experience as a high-performance plant enthusiast
  • EXPERTISE - Considered an authority on bulbs, South African plants, home greenhouse culture, alpine plants, color  use in the garden and sensible vegetable culture.
  • PHOTOS - Over 20,000 amazing and original photos in my personal image library - all are plants that I have grown, many step-by-step projects, rare plants and thematic images artfully photographed.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN - As an award winning creative directer, obviously I can help advise with photo styling, design and graphic consultation with custom typography and layout as time and subject permits.
  • PRODUCT DESIGN -Available for garden product design - containers, pottery, structures and more.
  • WRITING - Writing for gardening magazines, lifestyle, books, digital content for gardeners. 


Available for assignment specific content: You know, those that take time to grow and document.

Many gardening projects, if authentic, should take a complete year to complete from beginning to end. These are perfect projects for me, since I already do these for my own blog. I also grow and review plants for people, as well as test varieties and plant introductions, using logic, good cultural practices and sensible evaluation from many thoughtful perspectives.

I am open to  talk about some project ideas that might be right for your brand.
 Here are some thought starters:

Hoe to grow Belgian Endive from seed to harvest

Exhibition Sweet Peas in the home garden -  from Seed to Vase

Japanese Morning Glories in pots and window boxes

Unusual Chrysanthemums for cut flowers and display from cuttings, to display

Poppies from seed

Garden Craft - Succulent containers 'beyond the wreath', topiary, espalier, pleaching, pollarding

Culinary herbs, heirloom vegetables

18th Century Conservatory Plants in Containers

The Authentic Cottage Garden

Contact matt at  mmattus@charter.net   for more information, or to discuss a specific project.