July 9, 2015


The perfect potting bench with hand crafted pottery at the Terrain in Westport, CT

A couple of weeks ago we stopped in at the Westport location of Terrain (URBN, of Urban Outfitters and Anthropoloie's retail and mail order store for plant lovers and gardeners), here are a few photos to spark ideas and to inspire you this early, July day.

So hard to choose, but if you could only choose one gift item, what would it be? I hate this about Terrain!

Jess waits for me to catch up - at this amazing retail store which once was an auto dealer.

For many more images of our visit, click below.
This salmon frosted edge is the perfect color for our terrace.

Fifty shades of green - a color palette worth stealing.

Just when I thought that vertical gardening was over, I saw this and realized, it just may be finding it's niche. Beautifully curated and displayed plants are really what makes a vertical garden work.
Even small wall baskets were creatively curated.

Speaking of curation - the merchandise displays at Terrain are so beautiful, that the entire experience can be overwhelming. 

A plant-geek friend of mine teased me on Twitter after I posted that we were still at Terrain 2 hours later -he said, snarky-like "I suppose you are buying all the rare pelargoinium species?"/ So, um...yeah Glen - maybe I was. Proof that there are interesting plants as well as mossy-tinted napkins.

Lovely mossy colored napkins.

I just could not choose. I wanted everything.

No mens size 13, but check out the dog.

The cafe is not only upscale, it had garden themed dishes and drinks. What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Clearly, not your average garden center.
Since we were day tripping it to New York City, we could not stay for lunch, so cool drinks were in order. Chili-rhubarb juice anyone?
One of a kind antiques and garden tools mix nicely with new objects.


Outside, the garden center portion of Terrain was equally impressive. Our truck was full by the time we left.

Items like these bleached branch screens make me wish that I had a contemporary house and garden.

The packaging on this olive oil is so inspiring.

Straws….Right?  I know.

This say's 'flower shack' to me. Love it.

Symetry and order in the shady lathe house. Terrain is not just about good design and great displays, it's also about super plant material.

Hexagon themed glassware turn a simple shelf into a hip statement.

Forth of July decor can be both -  patriotic and stylish.

It's the details one sees in photos later that makes this place so interesting, and that brings one back. Check out the bird houses on the light pole.


  1. errgggghhhh! i have visited this place on-line and lusted in my heart. good thing i don't live closer by!

    can't wait to see those pelargoniums!

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Thanks for the tour! I am up in Canada so no Terrain, but I love getting their emails, and wish I could spend an afternoon at the store. If you are ever in Vancouver, I think you would like Southlands nursery, it too is gorgeously curated with all sorts of delights.

    1. Well folks, I think they only have two retail stores for now, but I would imagine that they might be looking at the west coast soon, don't you think? May I suggest Seattle or Portland URBN?

    2. Thanks Matt, I will check out URBN on my next trip south!

  3. Terrain is my favorite store. I live in upper Bucks county PA and drive 1 1/2hrs south to Concordville, Delaware county to shop there. They also have a wonderful book collection that always has something fresh and inspiring. Love it! I have to visit at least once a month for my "Terrain fix". Thanks for all your posts, this is my first response. I enjoy reading all of them.

  4. I have no access to these stores, but my sister has warned me time and again that I just MUST visit one someday. Wow, I would be in SO much trouble there. Amazing.


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