June 24, 2015


Illustrator Jen Corace visited us yesterday, and some of our ducklings wanted to wear trucker hats - but why, you ask?

We can always count on our good friend designer Jess Rosenkranz to pop over with some silly reason, maybe she needs more leaves to press so that she can assemble more dried terrarium paintings (complete with miniature layered buffalos - RISD grads you know!), or to make wedding flowers as we did this past Saturday for her brothers wedding, and this evening, when Jess stopped by for homemade pizza with her friend and fellow illustrator Jen Corace.

Ducklings, you know - they just attract creative people.

Jess knew that Jen would not freak out with the mess around here, she has a garden, loves dogs and as an artist, would surely find things around our house quirky and interesting. Jen Corace's latest book project was illustrating TELEPHONE (Chronicle Books)  a and fellow RISD grad) she also is getting a lot of recognition for a children's book that she illustrated for author Mac Barnett, which is getting tons of praise by both the press and critics (A BuzzfFed Best Picture Book of 2014, and many more praises).

All sorts of sweet birds tell the story (a play off of the popular parlor game - telephone, where one passes along a secret phrase to the next person). In this story, a duck wears a trucker hat.

So naturally, Jess made trucker hats for our ducks to wear, if only for a few seconds. We sent her home with a car load of plants for being such a good sport. As for the ducklings? The got an extra hour in the pool on this gorgeous evening in June - why not, the fireflies are out, and summer vacation has begun.

Jen Corace discovered that some of the ducklings actually liked wearing the paper trucker hats.


  1. That's so cute. I had never seen the book or the illustrations and had never heard of trucker hats:) Isn't it funny the strange and interesting things you can learn on a blog. The little ducks look like they were good sports about it for a minute anyway.

    1. Ha, more like 4 seconds! But yes, they were good sports!

  2. Anonymous8:17 PM

    dear matt
    thanks so much for the duck vignettes!
    i am sure many of your readers would love to learn more about your livestock/poultry projects, as would i.
    are they all for your consumption? how many chickens do you do?
    a small group where i live is trying to re-introduce a heritage duck breed called Cayugas--supposedly very good eating.
    all best,
    ~ 02568

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    squee! so cute!


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