January 7, 2015


I think this is pretty cool. If have been dreaming of raising tall, long-stemmed exhibition-quality English Sweet Peas, you are going to love this - I've been asked by Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA to give a talk and presentation on how I grow sweet peas - but here's what make this opportunity great -  Instead of just presenting a pretty Powerpoint presentation, I proposed to Tower Hill a slightly different concept -

If you've tried sweet peas before, and they didn't look like this by June, you will really enjoy this class.

what if class attendees not only could sit through a rather gorgeous presentation outlining step-by-step how to grow exhibition sweet peas, but how great would it be if the class attendees actually could plant real imported English Seed into imported sweet pea growing tubes, and leave with pots of the finest exhibition quality seed in the proper tubes ( so that they can form long roots), and also leave with 7 foot bamboo canes basically everything you will need aside from water?

There is nothing like armloads of fragrant sweet peas. Did you know that they were once America's favorite cut flower?

Announcing the best sweet pea workshop, ever. If you live in Southern New England or the Boston Area, I promise that you will love this class.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW, it risks selling out

+++++++SORRY, THE CLASS IS NOW SOLD OUT+++++++++++

Saturday, January 31st

10:00 a.m.

Tower Hill Members $50
Non-Members, $65

What you get:
• 12 imported Spencer Sweet Pea Seeds
• 12 imported sweet pea pots ( plastic bags, really, but designed for growing exhibition sweet peas, and not available in this country.
• 12 bamboo canes - 7 feet tall ( these are hard to find, as well)
• Soil
• printed directions, which will outline all of the steps, which I will go through in my Powerpoint presentation - this includes pinching, cordon  training, staking, nutrition, culture and lots of relevant facts, tricks and tips to ensure that you achieve success.

Exactly what you will need to be able to grow the amazing, fragrant sweet peas that you have seen in some of my posts like this .

My seeds come from Owls' Acre Sweet Peas, Lincolnshire, UK - these are the sort of seed which produce long, cut flower stems, and large, fragrant blossoms rarely seen here in the States. Really very choice, and superior.

I look forward to meeting lots of you at this sure-to-be-fun, event for late January - and why late January? Well, it's actually the best time to start sweet pea seed since you will need to pinch them back. before planting outdoors in late March.


  1. Good luck with the workshop. I would love to attend but its a bit far for me to travel.
    Tony Cuthbert UK.

  2. WOW, what a tremendous workshop that'll be! I'm glad it sold out for you.


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