September 24, 2014


Just a post to let you know that I just posted THIS to eHow.
( I kind-of want to help them default to another post about how 'hardy mums' can 'extend the season'). So why not introduce people to exhibition mums!

(I know, I know….as if average gardeners will go out and order spider mum cuttings and train them all summer long……but I can dream, right? I am fatally Polyanna-ish. Besides, I take it as my personal mission to inspire people to raise their bar on what they choose to grow - dang it, someone needs to! No matter how impractical it might be!). Down with boring.

So, please feel free to visit my eHow posts whenever you feel like it, and to perhaps do your social media magic with the post - particularly using the eHow 'Was this article helpful' button ( but yeah, only if you believe that it was helpful!).

Thanks bunches!

Yes,  I've been writing for eHow as-side from this blog - their gardening blog needed more content, and honestly, the new eHow is pretty nice, to both content creators and in content - as they have been editing and adjusting what they have, positioning authors as experts, and really raising the bar on their entire content load and database.

It really helps me and even this blog if you use the 'like' share or "tweet' buttons, or if you re pin my images to Pinterest,. I know that it's a pain, and usually I don't go for all of this social media crap, but sometimes, one just has to play the game.   If folks re post to Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest - it increases my ratings and stats - and since analytics is a numbers game, it means all sorts of good things for the future of this blog. It might even help me keep heating my greenhouse for another year!

My eHow posts are HERE.

This blog does fine on its own ( ranking number 5 on Blogrank for gardening blogs) so I really connote complain - and I thank you readers who do visit every week. That helps too!


  1. What a gorgeous mum!

  2. What a beautiful mum in the picture! I think it's great that you are bringing attention to the variety of mums out there. I don't really like a lot of those standard mums that they always sell in every grocery store/big box store this time of year, but spider mums and button mums and many others are so much prettier and more exciting!


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