October 21, 2013

Biggest Giveaway Ever! - Win a Powerful Troy-Bilt Shredder



Jennifer, please contact me directly at mmattus@charter.net for deliver details


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Last spring, when I was asked to be a member of the Troy Bilt Saturday 6 program, I was shocked to learn that not only would I be getting a choice of two Troy Bilt products, but that one of them I would be able to share a duplicate with as a giveaway. Most of my peers seemed to migrate towards the ride on mowers or week wackers, but I wanted something different, something that you could really use, and something that would truly improve the way you garden. So, here it is - your ultimate opportunity to get a shredder that really works ( really - just go read what professional landscapers and homeowner say on any rating site). This is a serious shredder and chipper, so serious that it feels a little silly to call it a leaf shredder ( although, that's what I want to use it for).

Welcome to the top of the line, Troy Bilt premium shredder. It's hard to find as few retailers carry it, partly due to its size and cost, and probably most people wh buy these things are landscapers or those with large gardens. Still, I just know some of you would appreciate and use this very useful tool. So here is it - the Troy Bilt CS 4325 Chipper Shredder. According to the Troy Bilt site, 'The bigger ten wood chipping and shredding jobm the more power you'll need - like thie heavy duty CS 4325 chipper shredder with its bigger 3" chipping capacity and a 10:1 debris redaction ration. This heavy dusty wood chipper has all the power you will need to get the job done."

  • 2-Way Feed
  • Steel Impeller

Additional Features

  • 2-in-1 steel upright chipper shredder
  • 3" chipping capacity
  • 10:1 debris reduction ratio
  • Features 2 chromium steel chipper knives and 12 replaceable cast steel flails
  • 5-bushel collection bag capacity
  • 10" x 4" pneumatic tires
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • 250cc* Briggs & Stratton OHV engine

I welcome all of my readers to enter  this giveaway. Since this is a valuable item Here are the rules, which I ask you kindly to follow. 

The Contest Rules:

1. You may only enter once. ( by leaving a message on this post, something like "I'd really love to win this chipper because I have 30 ash trees and a huge vegetable garden"
and Matt Mattus is awesome! So I am going to go onto Facebook, Twitter and G+ to tell everyone about him and his site, and I will rave about the generocity of Troy Bilt, and do the same foe their site".

Really, on you need to do is to leave a comment with your name, and you are in. I will pull the winner Friday night at 9:00 PM EST.
2. To be eligible, you must live in the continental US ( sorry Alaska and Hawaii!)
3. Here's how to enter - First leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY. It can say anything, but be sure that you mention that you are entering the contest. You can always tell me why you would love this product.
4.No anonymous comments ( sorry!) I need to know who is entering, so anyone who enters as Anonymous, will be eliminated.
5.It's good practice to visit both My Facebook Page - the Growing with Plants one, and be sure to follow the page if you don't, or you can leave a note. This just helps me ( selfish request for social media points!) as the more people who tweet about me, this site, or this post, helps me get achieve better ranking. The same goes for our good friends at Troy Bilt, it would be nice to just visit their Facebook Page and share it with your friends - after all, they are a business too ( made in America, you know!) and every little PR works in this new world where advertisements just don't work. Besides, they are being very generous with this giveaway - amazing, really. They will even deliver this shredder directly to you! How cool is that?

Now, about the Shredder.

I love this thing, but to be honest, Joe love it more. I mean, he won't stop using it. I wanted a good shredder years ago, after seeing how serious plant breeders and horticulturist use shredded leaves as mulch in their gardens, as many botanic gardens do. Shredded wood bark mulch is a poor substitute for good, old fashioned leaf and pine needle duff. There are some plants that actually prefer shredded leaf litter as a mulch ( we spread it every autumn on the hellebores, daphnes, bulb beds and in the ephemeral garden where wild flowers and native plants thrive like lady slipper orchids ( this is the secret....really), anemones, corydalis, bloodroot and trillium. Woodland plants demand an annual blanket of leaf litter, and nothing prepares it better than a shredder.

I had my doubts about the strength of the chipper portion of this device, so I asked some of the techs who were with us in Arizona when we tested many of these products ( secretly on the side, as in...OK, if you were going to get only one of these great products, which one would you get? And most shared that this shredder was just about the most awesome thing going to people who seriously garden.

Heavy steel, easy start, lots of safety features and forgive me when I say that this machine has balls. Serious ones. It's heavy, tough, and no home shredder comes close to what this beast can do.

Now, this shredder is seriously strong, and I admit that it is overkill for much of my bedding uses, but we do have alot of garden clean up where this device gets some heavy workouts on. This year we finally found a way to destroy the Miscanthus florid us stalks, which are like bamboo. Ten foot canes of grass - devoured in one minute. 

I started with a 3" diameter linden branch - no problem, It was destroyed within a minute with no fuss or stalling. Amazing.

We get lots of pine needles from our many white pines, and we would normally rake and bag them, moving them to the compost piles out back in the woods, but now we can shred them into pine duff, small, bits of 1/2 needles that will break down quickly, and still look good when placed around the plants. Maple leaves and Birch tree leaves will be shredded next week, and finally the oaks and ask. All of these will be piled on top of last years leaves in the compost pile, and the shredded leaved will be added as a thick, yummy mulch around all of my hellebores.

Every detail about this Chipper Shredder is impressive, and believe me, as a product designer, I can clearly see where some manufacturers back off or take shortcuts, but with Tory Bilt products, you get the sort of consumer who becomes a fan - you know, they start their own blogs on where to get parts if needed, they brag about that they have done with their machine, and they share notes and stories. Yeah, these are the geeks, but once your brand has them, it's hard to do something that won't be noticed Small engine dudes are serious too. And the they nothing about calling out fakes or poor engineering.

This Troy Bilt Shredder is heavy, yet it is designed to roll easily. It starts with a sold pull and one quickly knows by the sound that this is a seriously strong machine. Sure, use safty equipment, we suggest good ear protection, gloves and protective eye ware. Naturally, follow manufacturers directions on running the device properly, and read your manufactures directions as in - never stick you hand too deeply into a shredder - duh. It may be Halloween, but that would be one gag that might not get the result you want.

The leaf bag is well made, not shoddy or weak, it cinches, and holds almost an entire wheel barrow of shred. You can use it without the bag too.
Beautiful shredded  leaves and pine needles, ready for the compost bin in the greenhouse, and the rest being brought to the large compost piles on the edge of our woodland.

This is exactly what I want as much for my acid loving native plants like blueberries, and Mayflowers. But maple leaves and shredded beech leaves will be making it to the greenhouse for special Chinese ground orchids like Pleione.
Ash and Birch leaves will be shredded and layer about the ephemeral beds. A nice, soft, nutricious and proper mulch that will not only improve the soil, it with create the perfect conditions for rare native and imported woodland plants to thrive in soil that will eventually mimic that found in the wild.

My secret is revealed. Healthy Epigaea repens requires a true woodland condition with an annual application of duff. Just like in the wild, but with a litter shred, it breaks down easier.

Then there are pine needles, Eastern White Pine needles, which drop all in one day in late October ( ours fell last week. Around here, the natural woodland in many areas are annually blanketed in layer after layer of soft white pine needles. Each layer decays slowly, and within a couple of years, a good, deep layer of composted duff is created - perfect recipe for our native pink lady slippers, and other rare woodland plants like Epigaea repans - our state flower, you may know it as the Mayflower. These fragrant, acid loving woodland gems thrive in my garden because I mulch them each spring and autumn with chopped up pine needles.

Good Luck Everyone! Please be sure to enter, and I will be selecting the winner next Friday night at 9:00 PM using a randomizer, which I will post here.


  1. As a professional horticulturist, and a brand new homeowner, this post just almost made me fall out of my seat with longing. An avid fan of your blog, I love that you are reviewing Troy Bilt products and that you grow plants like Pleione formosana, which you don't hear about too often. The picture of the final product was almost too much to handle:)

  2. Really a lovely post love to see your growing with plants. Nice write up i like to read your post very much. A big thanks for sharing with us !!

  3. YAY! I'm the first commenter! I would love the shredder as I do what you do every year...but I have Steve run over the leaves and needles with our mulching mower. He uses a bagging attachment and then piles it all in the bin so I can use it as needed all fall while cleaning up the flower beds. The shredder would be great to chip up the branches that fall and all the pine cones and oak leaves.

  4. I always like to sign up for these contests. I have no idea where I would put this thing, but it would be a very handy thing right now, as I eye my overflowing compost piles. So enter me to win this thing.

  5. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Oh, this would make life easier. More than I need, but MUCH more than I have. I only have 3/4s acre, but if I won, I would share with my neighbors, natch.
    john connery

  6. I'm entering the shredder contest, would love to win and this would save us so much time and also we could use our own as mulch around the house, Thanks for the chance!

  7. Looks like a great shredder! I like the ergonomics and footprint, it will fit quite nicely in my husband's home-made shed. After we've shredded the heck out of our leaves, twigs, branches. Please enter me in your Troy-Bilt contest. Your blog is great, Matt, the only thing is we need more blog posts!!

    Thanks, Mary Beth (aka Miss Kelly)

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  9. I was so excited about entering this contest I forgot to leave my name! Its Angela Longhurst. Cheers :)

  10. Wow, we would love this shredder! Just moved to my dream yard with a million mature trees, and this would make shredding it all for beds a breeze. We've been using the old mower method, and I'm not sure how much longer the old push model (or my husband) is going to hold out at this rate. Thanks for featuring this giveaway!

  11. Daniel Otis11:38 AM

    Hi Matt--

    I'm a devoted follower of your blog, my favorite plant and garden blog. I'd be happy to have a chipper--I'd share it with the whole neighborhood. Anything vegetable, including bags of leaves, I add to my giant compost heap or directly to the garden, where the worms reduce a foot of leaves to nothing in a couple of months. But tree branches wood I have to pay to have hauled away for $150 a bag--or drive several miles to dump it at our recycling center. I'm also pleased that Troy is still U.S.-based; they probably have a China option but have chosen to stay here. Good.

    1. Daniel Otis12:49 AM

      That's $1.50 a bag. Don't want to seem like I'm exaggerating to win the sympathy of the randomizer.

  12. I would love to win this! My husband and I have been wanting to create our own mulch out of the multitude of leaves and branches that we collect on our property. Our compost pile is a mess and needs some serious overhauling, and I think this would help us get started on that project. Thanks so much! P.S. I love your site and genuine enthusiasm for growing.
    - Crystal Madrilejos

  13. Well, the ash tree comment was spot on. That, plus lilacs, cottonwoods and (sad to admit) Russian olives make up our shelterbelt and there is always a ton of pruning to do. It would be put to good use if it comes to live in Montana. :)

  14. Elliott Hallum, Murfreesboro, TN. I am entering the giveaway. I would use the Shredder for leaves, tree limbs, and perennial stems. This machine would kickstart my new compost bed for 2014.

    Thank you for offering this Matt and Troy Bilt.

  15. Hello! What a great giveaway! Please accept this as my entry! I am Tara from CT - an organic farmer and health coach. I am a new farmer and this equipment would be extremely helpful in getting my leaf pile used this year instead of next! And thank you Matt for your beautiful and inspiring blog.

  16. Absolutely I'd love to win this shredder as my husband and i are moving to a farm with acres of woods and fields and we would use it every day!!!
    Thanks so much to Matt and Troy-Bilt!!
    : ) : )

  17. This is hands down the best blog giveaway I've seen! My property has several bunching bamboos that I've slowly been removing to provide more sun to my vegetable garden. It has been an ordeal to say the least. And the worst part (aside from digging the root wads up) is what to do with the stalks. Our greenwaste provider won't take them, and I don't want to throw away what I could otherwise use on site. We spend a couple of hundred dollars every year bringing in mulch for our paths and flowerbeds. Thank you!

  18. How I would love to win this shredder for all the leaves I have, the leaves I get from my neighborhood, and the leaves I bring home from work to mulch my planting beds. What a wonderful tool.

  19. need, want and <3 ! Lucky you to already have one and now get one to share! We end up having to burn a few times a year because our little chipper is half the man yours is lol

  20. Pity the offer does not include Canada.
    I am sure you know about RCW but in case you don't, do look up Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW). Your chipper shredder will be ideal for it.

  21. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I would love this shredder to death! I have a wooded yard and I'm always trimming trees that could be turned into mulch instead of just going on the burn pile. Here's hoping! Love the blog. Jason

  22. Please, oh please, Matt, Pick ME!!!!! I have been coveting a shredder for 15 years and my wants just keeps being pushed to the bottom of the "needs" list. We live on 40 acres in the mountains of western PA. It is a mixture of dense woods and open fields. We have 350 blueberry bushes (and a pick your own blueberry operation), a fruit orchard with about 50 apple and pear trees, a 30'x60' vegetable garden, two very large ponds, as well as ornamental gardens surrounding our home. I am a master gardener in charge of ornamentals and veggies and my husband is the orchardist and blueberry wrangler. We built our home in the middle of the woods so you can imagine what fall clean up is like around here. We garden organically so the shredder would be a huge asset. I love you blog and will sing it from the roof tops.

  23. You are awesome, with or without a giveaway.
    As a sustainability freak I would use this shredder to keep every piece of vegetation my garden produces in the form of mulch. I am 90% at this point but I need to get rid of big branches.

    This would be so awesome to win!

  24. rachel5:53 AM

    This is really the best giveaway ever :) I am a landscape gardener in the Metro Boston are and I and the company I work with would put this bad boy to use immediately and most every day. Organic leaf mulch- oh yeah. Thank you for this and the GWP blog. I have really enjoyed reading it over the past year 1/2 since a former coworker turned me on to it.

  25. We could have used this last weekend! We are making some new veggie beds in out garden and we are making a leaf compost to start building the soil. I had my husband mow over the leaves in the yard. This shredder would be awesome for that chore and so much more :)

  26. This is an awesome tool for the average home owner to have. Of course everyone knows the benefits of returning organic material and mulches to the soil but shredding and chipping is tough job without the right equipment. Troy Built brand is quality and looks like this shredder can handle the job.

  27. I have been coveting a TroyBilt shredder, and this review definitely sealed the deal. Hoping I win, but saving pennies to get one for myself at some point if I don't.

  28. Heading to the Cape to attend to long postponed chores. this would help...enormously, a chipper of mine own, oh my...Gabriela Harvey

  29. I would love to win this awesome chipper/shredder from your awesome blog! I love using shredded leaves (I only use shredded leaves!) but putting them in, handful by handful, into a barrel-type shredder is so time-consuming. I only discovered your blog a few months ago, but I appreciate your plant-geeki-ness (I know that won't help me to win, but when am I going to say it if not now?) Crossing my fingers! Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer - Congratulations!!! you won the chipper! Please contact me as soon as possible so that I can arrange deliver with Troy Bilt. Thanks for the kind words too about my blog! - If you send your contact email via reply, I won't post it, I will just keep it private.

  30. I could share shredded compost with the whole neighborhood. This would also minimize leaf matter that is place curb side for the City to pick up. What a great website, contest, and product. Pete Duffek

  31. I have many trees and many gardens. I need this shredder. PLEASE!!

  32. I would love this shredder. I need this shredder!

  33. Hi Matt, I never win anything but in this case, I'll give it a go. Yes, I want a chance to win the shredder! :) And since we just moved into a new home and are planning a new garden, I guess I need one too.

  34. Please pick me !!! I would love to share this shredder with my kids who just bought a house with a big wooded yard in Webster MA ! I love reading your blog as am always interested in NE gardening as planning on retiring there - Karen anderson

  35. Hi Matt,
    Please throw my name into the hat or "randomizer" for the chipper give away.
    Love your blog, very insightful and great graphics too!...keep up the GREAT work!
    Peter, Bloomfield Hills MI

  36. Lardy lardy, you are one generous blawgmaster, as are the folk at Troy Bilt. As much I'd love this shredder for myself (and the amount of mulch and compost and potting media components it could generate for my own garden), I'd be happy to donate it on your behalf to my local city college's horticulture program for use in their demonstration gardens. Pick me, randomizer doo-hickey!

  37. If this chipper/shredder is even half the bundle of awesomeness you say it is, I gotta get me one. Please enter me in the giveaway. I have 5 acres of raw material to really put it through its paces, and I've never had a TroyBilt machine. And yes, your blog is totally awesome!

  38. Alvaro Bojorge11:37 AM

    Hi Matt, I need this shredder! Please enter me in the randomizer!

  39. Please throw my name in the hat for the shredder! I have massive sycamore, cottonwood, elm and ash trees that are always shedding limbs plus am at constant war with unwanted hackberry and mulberry trees that will not die. I know this tool would help.
    I love your blog and garden too!

  40. Julie Sanfilippo8:29 PM

    Please enter me! I would love to have this shredder! I've had a Troy Bilt mower for years and it's been great. I love your blog and all of your awesomeness too.

  41. Wendi Engel11:58 PM

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this chipper... I'd love to help my soon-to-be-70-yr-old dad with clearing out and cleaning up his acreage. He's a huge outdoors-guy... so much to do and so little help. This thing is awesome.

    And so are you Matt Mattus. Love your posts and your enthusiasm for plants. Thanks for keeping me in-the-know about plant care for my California garden.

    - wendi

  42. Barbara Blackburn11:57 AM

    I would absolutely LOVE to win the Troybilt chipper/shredder! We always have to rent one and owning one would be the BEST. Btw you have a great site and I always look forward to your new postings!

  43. It would be great to win this one!

  44. Can one lust after chippy piles of brush and mulch? I fulfilled my dream this year and launched an organic flower farm. 1000 feet of local cut flowers, sustainably grown. It's been great. Have found my bliss.
    Bliss is not, however, to be found weeding 1000 feet of 4 foot wide beds.
    I would chip the Everest-esque brush pile, the thousands of sunflower stalks, and the tall miscanthus, 10 year old gargantuan land spouts. Oh my, the mulch I could make.

  45. Hi: I'd love to be the winner. This would certainly hasten the conversion of inconveniently sized yard & garden debris into biodegradable, compostable 'good stuff'. Please enter me.

  46. We have so many pine trees dropping needles all the time but I never thought to purchase a shredder and turn them into compost. This would be ideal!

  47. Great Chipper Shredder! I need it for wood dropping.

  48. Oh awesome! Thanks for the advice. I have yet to use Instagram though it is on my loooong list of things to do.


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