July 27, 2013

Attention Fellow Garden Bloggers- Special Offer

As my sidebar says I’ll be speaking at brand new conference for serious Garden Bloggers. Created by the same people hosted a very well known and successful design bloggers conference, this Garden Blogger Conference will feature all sorts of people, from Dan Hinkley and Amy Stewart, to the Gardenista herself and myself ( listed as a 'rock-star' garden blogger - I gushed!). Anyway, we are planning this rather quickly ( it's next month! In Atlanta.), so we need people to come and support the event which happens to have a stellar line-up of speakers and events including Dan Hinkley, Amy Stewart and more.

Here is what is different about this new conference: Read on, click more:

You can learn how to build your brand, and your career. Talks cover everything that you will need to know from business models to marketing channels. You will be able to make critical connections, meet icons of the gardening world and meet other serious garden bloggers to network with.
We really believe that there is a need for a more serious, in-depth Garden Blog Conference - one that doesn't focus on garden tours, but rather on what really counts - your content, your site improvement, from design to photographs, and a great opportunity to rub elbows and green thumbs with some of the leading garden experts in the world.  This IS the conference that we have all been waiting for.

Because this all happens soon, yeah - the conference is in Atlanta this coming September ( Sept 22 -24), you have until August 10 to take advantage of an Early Registration ( $100 off)  offer.


OK, if you are a fellow garden blogger, here is a very special offer if you are linked to my site. Here's the deal - Use the link below to register and save an additional $50 ( in addition to the $100 discount). Enter in my code, and save an additional $50 but only if you are a fellow garden blogger.

Seriously.You have until August 10 to register using this special code: BDMT and you can save an additional $50. off of the already offered $100 Early Bird savings offer . So that is a $150 savings. Just click this link, and enter the code BDMT - and I'll see you there. Again, this offer ends on August 10.


OH, and there is also a Garden Blog HALL OF FAME Awards show going on there - anyone can go to their website ( here )  and nominate their favorite garden blog  - there are categories, like Best Photography, Best Design, and Best Over-all Blog. Just sayin'.  :) Your favorite gardening blog might win one of these categories!. P.S. I love you too!


  1. Is there going to be a presentation or panel discussion at this conference on how NOT to become a shill for the gardening industry? There are a good few bloggers out there who could benefit from that.

  2. Alison, I hope that that will be my role on the panel discussion. I agree - there are too few blogs out there who create their own content. I am on the advisory board for this conference, and it the issue was raised by a couple of fellow advisory panel members - who wanted to have more manufacturers and products there, but I was impressed at how the company who is planning this conference reacted - they really didn't want to turn the even into a 'sales meeting' ( their words!). I agree. Another blogger retorted with "well, many of us depend on free giveaways and free plants", I replied, " but shouldn't you be creating your own original content". Maybe that's why I was added to the panel discussion. It may be worth checking out to see what happens once I am there! thanks for your note! I also have say that I am amazed at how many products and companies approach me now that I am in the top 15. I must get at least 7-10 emails a day asking for me to accept free product, or to write about a brand. I am very particular about what brands or what products I write about. If I agree to to partner with a brand, it means that I truly support the brand myself.

  3. Just nominated your blog for "Best Overall" and "Best Graphics." Props.

  4. Good post and Amazing Photography. Such beautiful pictures full of greenery and life.

  5. I love your yard! This is the "perfect garden" time of year. Gardens are ablaze with color and full of life. Thank you so much for being such a gracious blogger host.


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