May 24, 2013

Trade Secrets - Round Up

Succulent wall planters and a  great felt wool goat puppet ( these are what Martha was buying when I met her!). Aren't they great?
I had so many good photos from last weekend's visit to the rare plant and garden antique show TRADE SECRETS in Sharon, CT, that I thought that I would share more of them. I think you may find these as inspirational as I do. Enjoy!

For more pics, click below.

Mexican glass cloche's from Campo de' Fiori in nearby Sheffield, MA

Lion Rock Farm is a functioning farm in Sharon, CT, they host the event each year on their beautiful property.

Here is a view of that incredible Davidia involucrata ' Vilmoriniana' , along with D. involucrata 'Sonoma', one of the newer selections of Davidia that bloom at a smaller size,  at the Broken Arrow Nursery booth. Broken Arrow Nursery, located in Hamden, CT offers some of the finest in rare trees and shrubs. 

Great home made bird houses - I love the one with the faucet as an entrance hole.

My long time good friend Karen Perkins was there selling Epimediums from her nursery Garden Vision Epimediums.  These shade loving plants are becoming more and more popular, and every botanist knows - this is in part ( a good part) due to the efforts of this nursery. Check out their new website here. So when nurseries like Plant Delights talks about Epimedium guru Darrell Probst, this is where they came from.

Succulents never looked so fine - thanks to the talents of Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk, Maine.

Some starving Nepenthes, awaiting a snack of flies - sadly, this farm has no flies! (naturally - come on!).

I liked the way these gardens where planted. ephemerals, a few choice hosta and hellebore varieties, and then, four trained Catalpa trees, which surprised me. I always associate catalpa with messy gardens, but these were so architectural, thatI think I may move mine.

Succulents planted as a wall hanging. Best use of a bed spring yet!

Love, love, love this color combo.

More Campo de' Fiore pots, this time with grapevine spheres and some well placed passion fruit vine. Attention everyone, the 80's is back, and grape vine never looked better!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Now get out into your garden~


  1. Ooh wow!! You packed so many inspirations for us in your photos.

  2. Very value able post, it keep me onto reading your whole story.


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