May 13, 2013

Hellebores - a year after dividing

I have a soft spot for dark, slate colored selections of Helleborus. This one is a classic Heronswood selection.

Last year, I divided all of my hellebores ( see here how to do it, it is easy!) and this is the best time to do it, right after they bloom ( but the gardening books won't tell you that!).  Sometimes, it's best to take a chance and do it. The truth is, in New England, the soil is still damp and rains come every few days, so May is the safest time to divide these somewhat fussy, yet long lived perennials. Here are a few photos which I will bless you with few words, as I need to go outside to cover plants due to a late frost arriving tonight. Fingers are crossed, that it won't be as bad as one 12 years ago ( Christopher Lloyd was visiting here that night when we lost most every oak tree in the forests due to a May 15 frost). Davidia, davidia, davidia - please be safe!

 More upright, and early, this Helleborus foetidus has a form that is quite different than other hellebores.

 Daphne gets curious with a Bumblebee.

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