November 19, 2012

One Million Page Views!

Camellia sassanqua is an autumnal blooming species native to the the coastal evergreen forests of southern Japan in Shikoku, Kyushu and in the higher altitudes of Okinawa. This cultivar. 'Yuletide'  is a popular one as it blooms around the Holidays. Still outside, as temps dip to 24 degrees F. tonight, it gets moved to the greenhouse.

Many thanks to all of my readers, who have all helped to made my blog Growing with Plants so popular. Today it reached a milestone - 1 million page views, an entire month earlier than I had predicted. Thanks to each of you who take a little time each day to read or comment on Growing with Plants.

Future plans? Well, I will continue with the redesign over the Holiday break, as work keeps me far too busy it seems to do anything on my own time. I'm going to try to take some vacation time over Christmas and use it to improve the design. I have big plans, but I will have to implement then slowly so please bear with the utter simplicity until I add the fun and pretty bits. All I can say is that there are some exciting plans for the future, but each one takes time.


  1. WOW: a million is a LOT and you are already well beyond: I can't account for more than a few dozen (okay, maybe a hundred) of these hits! that means there are many other wise people out there with good taste and judgment in their internet surfing! That Camellia flower is lovely! I saw big Camellias on Long Island--not too far from you. Have you tried any outdoors?


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