November 25, 2012

Gifts for Plant People

1. Zinc Planters - Copper House Living - EUR 169.  They would need to be shipped from Germany, but these are nice and unique enough for year round decor in the potting shed.
2. String Bobbin Garden Trading, £10 Under twenty buck gift for the potting shed.
3. 'Gardeners I have met and liked' Notebook available from ShopTerrain - $14 The other titles ar eworth checking out, but this one is be far my favorite.
4.  Honey Tobacco Beeswax candle - Terrain, $14. Made from bees who smoked cigars.
6. Galvanized Door Mat - Garden Trading, UK - £32 Simplicity reigns.
7. Vintage Potato Sign - One Kings Lane , $199. This one is most likely sold, but snoop around the One Kings Lane site for interesting gifts.
8. Botanical Handmade Candy from Pappabubble -  From Pappabubbleny.com With flavors like orange and cardomon, lemon and lavender, strawberry and pine or pear and bergamot, it's easy to see why these hand pulled hard candies are a secret amongst many of us ( my fav? Their watermelon, salt and chili). $5.50 and up.

1. Toddland Knit Fjiord Bear Boxer Briefs - Toddland.com $18. Freak out your boyfriend with these boxers.
2. Toddland Lazer Bears Wallet  Toddland.com $24. Everyone needs a bear wallet.
3.Upper Penninsula Snowshoes - shop Terrain $98. Real gut snowshoes for decor or for racing.
4. Stanley Classic Flask - Urban Outfitters $28. To warm you up while bringing in the wood.
5. Trail Crew Soap (shown in Steep Ravine scent), Juniper Ridge.com $35.
  Juniper sap, tree pitch and other steam-distilled essential oils all pressed on vintage juice presses and distilled in converted whiskey stills ( you know the type - crazy copper pipes and steam). Try their Steep Ravine trail crew soap, or any of their other scents like Cascade Glacier, Big Sur Trail Crew Soap or Siskiyou Trail Crew Soap. 
6. Backpackers Cologne - also from the folks at Juniper Ridge comes wild plant distilled backpackers cologne - guaranteed not to attract bears. Distilled from conifer pitch and other wild plant ingredients. $85.

1. Japanese Tamamaki Twine - Japanese gardeners know good twine, and the best is made from the hemp palm. Hand made by a small multi-generational family business in japan, it is available from The Japan Woodworker -$10 - $18. Japanwoodworker.com.
2. Zinc Floral containers. In cream, available from Copper House Living. EUR 179. 
3. Wessex forge Haws watering can. In various colors and sizes, from Wessex Forge. I love Haws, but these colors take the classic to another level. Need to be imported, but always a cherished gift for a gardener. I keep three Haws cans, and I'll have them for a lifetime.
4. Ben Wolff Hand-Thrown Pots -  His dad Guy Wolff is well known, but his pots might be too expensive for most people, but I also like Ben Wolff'f hand-thrown pots. They range from $12 - $36 available directly from his studio at Ben Wolffpottery.com.
5. The Genus Lachenalia monograph by Graham Duncan - Kewbooks - $200. The book every plant geek is dying to get. It's on my list as there are only 1000 copies. The cost is high becuase these Kew Monographs are printed on the highest quality paper, and include color plates. This book is not tiny either, with 650 pages, it is practically a bible. Few books have bee written on the subject of Lachenalia, so bulb collectors are scrambling to count their pennies for this one.
6. Rubber Dramm Colorstorm Hose - $50 and up  Dramm.com
7. Bamboo Japanese Plant Tags - Alitags.com  $12. - $47
8. Alitags Plant Label Maker and Stamps - Alitags.
Stamp and make tags like the botanic gardens do. Only available from England.

1. Cornelis Souvenir Vase - Anthropologie $348.
2. Birchbark Straws - Terrain $8.00
3. Naturally Shed Color Blocked Deer Antler - Anthropologie - $60
4. Balsam Fir Incense - Terrain $6.00

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