July 31, 2012

My Container Motif: Inspired by Galvanized Metal and Black

Galvanized metal, slate, black iron combine with silver and black leaved plants - my chosen motif for our decks this summer. The miniature pineapple lily in the slate cube are new dwarf varieties I am testing.

Metal colored succulents pair nicely with galvanized metal. Today there are many choices for black or metal colored foliage plants - once you start looking, you will be surprised at what you can find. Black Mondo grass, acts as a ground cover in a larger container.

Begonia ' Escargot' and Purple Cabbage make for a perfect couple along with succulents and a black Aeonium.

A red-leaved banana virtually explodes out of a metal tub on the deck. We'll never be able to remove it now, as it has tripled in size in three weeks given our recent heat and rain.

I added a variegated Pearls of Opar (Talinum) with golden berries to one of the containers since the bright fruit will contrast nicely with all of the black foliage. Coleus, Black Pearl Peppers and more succulents all combine well in these summer containers. In the fall, I save many of these plants in the greenhouse by repotting them into individual containers since generally, succulents, tropicals and annuals cannot stay together for long, but as long as the season is fierce and fast, they have no problem growing neck-to-neck.


  1. You've got me wanting to go buy all new plants and containers, a very inspiring post!

  2. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Wow, very cool and elegant. I started out with many blue pots, then gradually shifted to green and gray pots. Your all gray display is quite something, I also like the extra touches, like the black cast iron weight and bottle cages.

  3. Thanks. I know, I love gray pots too, then again, I do have a garden with just blue pots also!


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