May 12, 2012

New Bee Hives, and the Nicest Day of the Year


It usually starts like this: The phone rings at 6:00 am, and it's the government. (Actually, more like the U.S. Post office).  A nervous voice says something like "um...you've got some live bees here - maybe you come pick em up, please?". 

Our postmaster knows us well. We're those two crazy guys who get the boxes of baby ducks, or the bags of live fish ( koi), and yeah, sometimes even boxes of live bees. This time, Joe went to pick them up locally. Much easier, and surely less stressful for the bees. 

In March, during a gale, we lost a large spruce tree, a very tall specimen that my father had planted 70 years ago. The tree, with a massive trunk nearly two feet in diameter, fell between the row of bee hives that we keep way in the back of our garden. It didn't crush them, but it did disturb the inhabitants enough so that the hives stopped functioning. New bees with new queens had to be ordered.

The weather man on the news last night said something that caught my attention " Tomorrow, will be a 10 out of 10. Bright blue skies, 75 degrees and little wind. It very well may be one of the top 5 days of the entire year". It was. After a busy week at work, late nights at the computer designing app elements and what not, I was looking forward to a day of gardening, but this is May - the busiest garden chore month of the year, and much needed to be done. I decided to be a little selfish ( which is easy for me, I fear). A little sun, a little planting ( the white garden - it's staring to look like something), and a little greenhouse time ( watering), and that was about it. 

The long list of to-do's will have to wait until tomorrow, ( it never ends, right?), when it might be cloudy, and perhaps rainy - I might even use the excuse that they weather is better for the plants. Transplanting tomatoes, coleus seedlings, some sowing of arugula, almost countless chores - oh yes, digging up 220 feet of the front yard to plant grass seed - this strip in front of our house is the worst garden on the entire street!

Besides, someone HAD to take pictures of Joe working on the hive! I mean, I had to lay in the sunny grass in the buttercups, it was just awful, but someone had to do it.

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  1. This made me happy.

    Easy Saturdays. Somebody has to do it.
    Thankfully there were Buttercups to soothe you during all of this. Luckily, Sparrow, Talia, and I had buttercups with us as well - during our two-picnic-saturday.


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