April 2, 2012

Purple Rain

Helleborus x hybridus 'Heronswood Black Purple Strain'
These are the days when in just one week, the entire garden can change seasons. One day, a tight bud, the next day if the temperatures rises to 70 degrees F., they may open, - by Friday, when I return from work, the entire process might be over - so I am trying to take more moments to capture this little moments - such as when a helleborus, with nodding, slate blue dark blossoms dangle at mouse-height requires me to lie on the wet ground with a fish eye lens to get that bumble bee view. It does look so much nicer from this angle!

New foliage emerges on a tree peony
Last spring I relocated the three expensive tree peonies that I had at frist, planted in the bed in front of the greenhouse where I tend to plant banana's and other treasures that are more tropical. The tree peonies needed a more special place, a place where they can be planted, and remain int he ground for 50 years without disturbance, and the need protection from other plants until they get established. Now - they are in the parterre, the kitchen garden where we grow salad vegetables, herbs and flowers to cut for the house. Neatly tucked into the corders of the boxwood hedges, they already are starting to look better. I may order a couple more if I have some extra money this spring. ( Herbaceous peonies must be planted in the fall, but tree peonies can be planted in the spring).
Viola species from Japan are blooming in the front garden, where they are self seeding.

In the greenhouse, the few sweet peas which the mice did not get to that were planted last October, are beginning to flower.

Prostanthera, the Australisan Mint Shrub always looks better when moved outside into the cool spring weather, than it does in the greenhouse.

Ants tend to re-seed most of out Corydalis solida, resulting in surprises which appear between stones and behind shrubs. This year there are some purplish forms.

GLory of the Snow, or Chinodoxa bloom and self-seed like crazy in the raised rock garden. I found an all-blue form in the front of the bed, which I think is  different selection or species that I had once planted.

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  1. Nice post. I'm looking to incorporate Tree Peonies in my own garden this year.


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