April 10, 2012

Ingleside Pottery Giveaway


I discovered Laine's amazing hanging pottery containers a few months back while looking for the perfect container for some succulents that I had just purchased. As a designer and potter myself, it's a rare treat when I find someones work that really moves me, and Laine's work does just that. These ceramic containers are just what I was looking for, as they are artistic, inspired somewhat by vintage vessels, the perfect marriage of old and new, and, thanks to Laine, she is offering one as a giveaway - imagine this hanging on your porch, in your window or by the back door.

I asked Laine a few questions, as I was curious to learn more about her work. Here is the interview:

M • As artists, most of us can identify what influenced us at an early age, can you remember when you first became interesting in clay and pottery?

L • Like many gardeners, I learned at an early age by trial and error at my grandmother’s side. It was my first mud love, and I “designed” a small area of my own in her garden. I created lovely raised beds from salvaged wood and planted favorite herbs and perennials. I even incorporated a garden bench and a huge dead branch I used as a natural trellis, a little Alice in Wonderland style. For me, becoming a clay artist was a natural extension of creative gardening. I work with my hands everyday to create interesting design out of lumps of mud or clay.  

M • Laine, that's so classic, I mean what's better than a potter making mud pies!  But in many ways, we all made mud pies as gardeners, but was there a moment when you discovered, or rediscovered the feel and passion for ...um, mud?

L •  Well, I think you're on to something!  I do remember taking my first professional pottery class as a teenager in 1989, but  I didn’t step into a pottery studio again until 2001. I focused on Art History in college, worked as an art historian and curator and lived in the Czech Republic. It was during this ceramic hiatus that I spent a year on a Fullbright research grant in Prague.  The skyline with its turrets, finials, towers, and steeples played such an important role in shaping my current design aesthetic. I live and work in Fairfield, Ohio today – quite a distance from Prague – but the city’s beauty still captures my imagination. I’ve reinterpreted the elegant lines and ornate details of the spires on the potter’s wheel creating unique and functional finial designs for all my hanging and pedestal planters.

M • I can see the classical influence, I imagine that time in Eastern Europe contributed to the obvious architectural influence in your work, I mean, the finials, the symetry, the moulding - Oh, and clearly, your were in Prague in those perfect early years when it was just being rediscovered as an emerging center for creatives ( before McDonalds!). When did you start throwing clay and getting the results you wanted? This is not an easy medium to master, but I know that there is generally that tipping point when all of a sudden, you discover that the magic is starting to happen - when did you discover your visual voice?

L • Since 2001, I’ve never looked back and can say I’m smitten with clay as a medium. I love throwing with white terracotta. It has such a soft white color and smooth creamy texture. This clay, which is incredibly pliable and forgiving, allows me to create the intricate, hollow finals that function as hidden drainage for the planters. I also think earthenware clay is better suited for growing healthy plants in the outdoor planters. Besides its long tradition in garden ware, terracotta can provide a cooler environment for plants during those hot summer days.


M • OK, so I'm curious ----are you are a gardener? So much of your work seems to be garden pottery? If so, how do you decide what shape to throw and what to make? I know some potters let the 'clay speak' to them, others, have a clear vision. Do you create containers with specific plants in mind or does the shape drive you? I see similarity in your pieces, sure, but I think what attracts me is that even though everything have a clear visual language as a thread, it still never feels like production pottery - the craft is still there.

L • Well, thanks. Really,  right now, it's spring that drives me! Spring is the season for planters and I’m gearing up by creating as many styles and designs as I can, I can't help it, I am an artist. Still, I’ve learned that my customers love variety. So this year I’m still offering the popular outdoor hanging planters but I’m also introducing a new indoor planter design that incorporates an Oyama insert - ideal for African Violets. I’ve been nurturing about two dozed trailing African Violets in my studio space all winter. They are finally taking on that trailing nature which looks so beautiful in the new finial planter design.

M • I know that clay can be more than messy, not that we gardeners are very neat! Where do you do your work? Do you have  a studio or a dedicated place where you can do your work?

L • I have a small home studio, which is a great place to work everyday. My space is bright with diffused natural light that comes through a bank of low windows, providing a beautiful view onto my small suburban yard. I feel really lucky that I can be throwing something, look up and see a beautiful snowy landscape in Winter or the ornamental trees in full flower in the Spring. So distracting. 

Finial detail - yes, it drains ( I asked!)

Now, here is how you can win. The drawing will be held at 9:00 PM Sunday, I will use randomizer. 
To enter, all we ask is that you go and 'like' the Ingleside Pottery Facebook page, and be sure that you select LIKE -  then send a comment to me stating that you did LIKE them! - simple, right? You may surely want to also visit the Ingleside pottery etsy page to shop and check out more, in case you just can't wait, I bet she will be sold out soon!


  1. I liked it! Pottery is something I have always wanted to get into. My aunts owned their own pottery shop in the Florida Keys for a (very) brief time so it is a family thing. Maybe some day I'll have the time to try to take it up again.

  2. I liked their Facebook page. That's a very nice planter. I'd love to win it.

  3. I love them!!! I clicked like on the FB page too!

  4. wow. I'm blown away by laine's creativity. beautiful!

  5. I most *definitely* LIKE Ingleside Pottery, on Facebook and otherwise!

  6. Hi Matt,
    I liked them.

  7. I'm a potter too. This work is so interesting! I liked them on FB. Please add me to the drawing. Thanks!
    whitneyolson at gmail dot com

  8. Thanks Everyone . I know, aren't these great? Keep em coming! Just imagine this container in your personal collection!

  9. I "liked" Inglesides Pottery page on Facebook and now I must go check out their website. So beautiful. Thanks for letting us know about this wonderful potter. And keep up all the work on the sweet peas I am hanging on every post...

  10. I 'liked' it, but 'love' is actually a more appropriate word. I love when an artist has a singular vision. It's beautiful.

  11. Eileen6:10 PM

    I've liked her facebook page. Her designs are beautiful and I can picture one hanging by my front door.

  12. Oh, I likey, Ido, I do, I do. I can see it hanging on my porch.

  13. So now I have to get with the program--my Blogger name can't stay "Unknown." All updated now.

    Another note on the Ingleside pottery--while my gotu kola vine needs a new home like the larger hanging pots, the small ones for air plants are so interesting! Very imaginative.

  14. Anonymous5:17 PM

    i liked the facebook page too. beautiful work!

  15. It is just beautiful! Liked the page, and can't wait to get some of these!

  16. like' the Ingleside Pottery Facebook page

    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  17. TeriKWeaver6:02 AM

    Laine had me at Prague. Thanks for the introduction!

  18. Jill P.4:18 PM

    I liked the FB page - beautiful pottery for plants!

  19. I like them on FB. Really beautiful pottery!

  20. I liked the FB page, Matt. Beautiful pottery!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous! It would fit in wonderfully with my new planting scheme of a Victorian garden! Have liked on Facebook


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