March 17, 2012

A Hardy Jasmine blooms

I almost forgot to check on this shrub, until my sister called be ( she live above the garage in the other house that I own next door to me ( long story).  Anyway, it looks like the garage to my house, but I rent out two apartments in it. I never look at the front of the garage, as I exit the drive way from the other side (I have a corner lot).  But my sister said "Did you see that yellow shrub blooming in the front of the house? It looks almost like a forsythia?). I almost always forget to check on this rarely seed shrub in New England gardens, for Jasminum nudiflorum is indeed,  a hardy jasmine ( without fragrance) that can survive in protected areas in USDA Zone 5.  

My plant lives near the foundation of the garage, with a western exposure which is sunny and warm due to a raised bed, and a gravel drive. It often is in bloom in late January, but this year, it is exceptionally full with blossoms. Here are a few images of it that I took as the sun was setting.

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  1. My - or rather my parents' - Jasminum nudiflorum here in Michigan started flowering this week as well. It is such a great plant, I really hope it gains popularity.


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