February 23, 2012

A New Fragrant Yellow Clivia is Born

We have a few hundred clivia seedlings, but this one is awesome. ,A deep golden yellow, this clivia has bloomed for the past five years for us and it is always the best. It's so nice that we have decided to name this clone Clivia miniata 'Muggy Bunny' in honor of our sweet dog Margaret who we lost this past summer (and who we still miss so much). It will never be sold, so we can name it whatever we want, and if we share a clone ( division) the name can be passed on. Normal one would need to register a name, but this is just for us.

One of our own yellow Clivia crosses is a cross between Vico Yellow and Vico Gold, crossed again with a Nakamura 'thick-petal' yellow. The best thing of all? This beauty is fragrant too. Out of the hundred or so seedlings that we have bloomed so far, this one is simply the nicest, and most favorite ( like Margaret was). One always stands out from the pack ( like Margaret) and one always is the most special ( like Margaret). Plus, Clivia 'Muggy Bunny' has wide open blossom with 4" wide florets with a massive umbel more than 10 inches wide. If that is not incredible enough, that fragrance -t this clivia smells like an Easter lily ( not quite like Margaret). 


  1. Wow, that is certainly a beauty, you could make a fortune selling that here in Australia, dont know if they are expensive to buy where you are, but sure are here!

  2. Thanks Becc. Most yellow clivia here are not that expensive anymore. Only the very special clones that are well know, are costly ( one sells at a nursery here for $700). I do think this one is far nice, since it is large, and a nice plant too. Still, there are so many clivia out in the market, that it is saturated. So we will just enjoy this one. Thanks for commenting!

  3. After reading your blog, I am thinking of planting clivia in my garden. Thank you for sharing!


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