February 23, 2012

Growing with Blogs - now in the top 12

Succulents enjoying the warmth and bright late February sunshine in my greenhouse. Direct sun enhances the color and form of  succulents and cacti, keeping the plants 'in character' and growing densely.

2012 year is only 2 months old, yet so much has happened with this blog- king of a growth spurt. Maybe being featured in Martha Stewart Living helped with an 'Opera Effect', but the numbers started a couple of months before that. It's always surprises me how fast things can grow and connect on-line sometimes, but then again, that's how the Internet works.

I hate to waste a post with self-bragging, but I guess that gardening does have its competitive aspect too, right? It really doesn't change how I do anything around here, but it does provide some good old-fashioned back slapping and attaboyness. Growing with Plants is now officially arrived - listed as a top 12 gardening blog on many statistic sites ( even the big ones like Google and INVESP), as well as  this mornings post on E-Junkie, which is beautifully written. Still, all of the really doesn't mean much, since impressions and numbers on the Internet all depends on the hour, the moment and the category you look at. For whatever reason, I do keep track of such things from time-to-time - I think it's simply because blogging is actually a very lonely practice - done in private, and often with little interaction from real people beyond a "like" or a "pin" ( it's why we bloggers love a little interaction from time to time, lest we end up being more like computer programers tapping away alone in dark rooms, when we'd rather be out in the sunshine and fresh air - maybe that's why so many garden writers never really spend much time in the garden. I won't let that happen.

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