February 11, 2012

For the love of Pinterest

Here is an arrangement for all of my fabulous followers who so kindly invited me to Pinterest. Thanks so much! So for you, I made this - A selection of heart-shaped leaves and petals from my greenhouse on an cold, overcast and snowy, winter day outside of Boston. 

  1. Cyclamen graecum leaf, on reverse side
  2. Clivia x Interspecific  - cross between C. miniata and C. caulescens ( three color versions shown), all from Mr. Nakamura in Japan.
  3. Hardenbergia violacea - old fashioned greenhouse vine, a winter-bloomer for cold greenhouses from Australia with brilliant blue-violet pea-like flowers in wintertime.
  4. A petal from a variegated Camellia.
  5. Muscari macrocarpum 'Golden Fragrance' - a fragrant, chartreuse Muscari, or grape hyacinth.
  6. Cyclamen hederifolium 'Silver Ghost' - a cyclamen with an all silver leaf.
  7. Westringia rosemarifolia - it looks like Rosemary, but it's not. Easy-to-train as topiary or as a clipped dome-shaped greenhouse shrub.
  8. Stenomesson piercii - a rare Equadorian bulb, with greenish-yellow bell shaped blossoms.
  9. Camellia - a rose form
  10. Cyclamen hederifolium - the ivy-leaved Cyclamen.
  11. Cyclamen graecum  (with a camellia sasanqua petal on it) two, heart shaped objects, the cyclamen leaf has a burgundy back-side, so I displayed it upside down.
  12. Camellia japnica 'Lipstick' - an anemone-flowered form.
  13. Rhododendron - Vireya 'Valentines day', a tropical rhododendron from Borneo
  14. Nerine undulata - a pink, graceful species of Nerine, a tiny bulb in the Amaryllis family, which is easier to grow than other species, and a winter-bloomer.


  1. Lovely photo! You obviously had a creative flair...

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for starting my Sunday morning with this.


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