February 13, 2012

Tweeting the Alps - Tonight, in NYC

The Hort

Murren, Switzerland

As a guest of the Manhattan chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society, I will be presenting  talk and slide show on some recent trips to the Alps of Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria. Common  destinations for many alpine plant enthusiasts for over 150 years, my take it a little different - using technology, digital cameral, new recording devices and mobile tech, we are discovering a new way to share images via Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, plant enthusiast forums  and more.

Primula auricula near the North Face, Switzerland
Primula auricula on the slopes of the Eiger, Engadine, Switzerland

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  1. Read the post too late to make it, but have bookmarked thehort.org. Hope the presentation was well received.
    Will be in the Lake Geneva region in June and hope to see some Alpines in the Alps.


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