November 1, 2011

Daily Awesome - Narcissus viridiflorus

An enormous burst of flowers this year from this rare narcissus may be attributed to some fertilizer that I am testing, a slow-release brand from John and Bob's. More about them later, but I think I have good things to report, at least with their products that I have used on bulbs.   All autumn blooming narcissus are choice, but perhaps none if more precious than the startling green flowered Narcissus viridiflorus. I show this one a lot on this blog, but in all of the years that I have photographed these few bulbs that I have, never have I had as many flowers as I had this year. Now I have nice stems emerging from this single pot. Native to mediterranean sites from Southern Spain to Morocco and Turkey. This is one of those summer-dry/winter wet species, only growable under cold glass or in protected areas in southern California.


  1. Very unusual and elegant plant.

  2. What can I say! A truly stunning bloom!

  3. Hi Matt,

    Most of my bulbs are either already in bloom or coming into bloom and narcissus are among them. They are absolutely lovely and emit heavenly aromas but they are the more common Narcissus pseudonarcissus and Narcissus jonquilla.

    I have never actually seen your Narcissus viridiflorus. They are absolutely gorgeous.


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