July 9, 2011

Japanese Cucumber Molds!


Cucumber molds from Japan are on my wish list for this year. These soft, plastic molds can be slipped over young cucumber fruits in your garden (best with seedless asian varieties grown on a trellis), and in a few weeks, you can harvest a sliceable cuke with fun shapes - not really my thing, but oh, so cool and fun for your kids.

This post is actually announcing a new sub-blog that I am starting and beta testing along with my designer friend, Jess. It's called the CHEESEBOOK PROJECT, and it will cover the more interesting, odd, curious or just plant weird happenings that relate to the the plant world ( such as this post). Jess and I are both involved in the design and trend business, and sometimes we come across super-interesting discoveries that are either beautiful, strange, or just noteworthy. We thought that some of our findings might be better if they loved on a separate site. So, I proudly announce the launch of the CHEESEBOOK PROJECT.

NOTE: (We are unofficially 'soft-launching'the site, since we are still designing it, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the content and the concept).


Japanese Cucumber Molds

If you grow cucumbers at home, or want to give the perfect gift to a gardener friend, the Heart-Shaped Cucumber Molds will let you grow your young cucumbers into perfect heart shapes over time (and every time). Have unique salads for dinner parties and special occasions, or use your imagination to create something else entirely!
It's easy to use too: just insert the pins into the mold to hold it together in the right shape. Then insert a baby cucumber into the mold when it's about the size of a little finger, using the hooks and a net to hold it up. As it grows up it will be shaped into a heart. Once it's reached about 70-80% up the mold, release it and harvest your delicious crop! From Japanese Trend Shop for only $87 US.



Sakura Home Cherry Blossom Kit

Also from Japanese Trend Shop, comes this amazingly beautiful little Sakura tree, that one can simply water and allow to "bloom" on your desktop or most anywhere. I may actually order this, since it looks like a great Holiday gift ( it's a little pricey), but it also reminds me of those crystals I used to grow on old bricks using bluing, when I was a kid. I think this is paper, but not sure what the blossoms are. Regardless, it looks like the ultimate conversation piece.


Green Walls Project

This summer in Tokyo, a promotion to get citizens to grow "green walls". vines growing on mesh to shade terraces and to add beauty and fresh air, is being promoted by a mixed group of sources ranging from the local governments, to seed distributors and local nurseries. 

Already bitten by the container gardening bug and the green movement toward a more sustainable environment, Tokyoites are eagerly challenging each other with their walls of Asagao ( Japanese Morning glories), gourds and Japanese squashes. We all can take a lesson from this most successful movement. On the site linked above, click on the green boxes on the left to see more images.


  1. Bonmom2:46 PM

    Very cool!

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    where can i purchase these?

  3. I love the cucumber molds! The heart shaped cucumbers are just adorable! Who would have ever thought that a cucumber could grow into a tiny piece of art like that! Thanks for posting this!! I think the heart shaped cucumber would make for a wonderful topping on a salad for a wedding.

  4. Much success to the Cheesebook Project. Love the concept. Have you seen the square watermelons? Square is easier to ship than round, I think I read, in addition to being kind of fun.

  5. I have cherry blossom kit with me.tree is made of brown cardboard with their edges dipped in pink.pack comes with solution kinda thing.if we pour it on the tray like stand for tree.blotting cardboard sucks the solution and snowflakes kind of thing starts to form.



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