May 14, 2011

The Prettiest of times, the worst of times

I just cannot seem to post anything while our sweet Margaret, our Irish Terrier remains in intensive care still in critical but stable condition. The third week of May is the most beautiful time of year here in New England, with spring at its very peak, but with my sweet 'Muggles' in the hospital, and little hope for long-term recovery, it is now the saddest. This is surely the most difficult of times when one owns and loves dogs, as we do. With three Irish Terriers, even though we love them all, Margaret is clearly the special one, that one you just can't help but love the most.

Joe and I spend three hours now, each day, laying on the floor with her at the Tufts Vet School, awaiting any tiny sign of progress. What began as Pneumonia, had now worsened into Renal Failure, a protein loosing disease, a blood platelet issue, and she has not eaten for a week. Still, her medical team is still hopeful that we can keep her comfortable and active again, if she can hold the med's and if we can get the pneumonia under control, and her appetite back. Until then, I will just share some photos I took this week.

Fergus wanders the garden, a little lost, looking for Margaret.

Giant Calla Lilies and Geranium maderense bloom outside now, where their containers were moved.

Young cabbage, crisp with morning dew,in the salad bed with lettuce seedlings.

Purple fringed tulips bloom in front of the greenhouse.

It looks intentional, but this was all a happy accident, purple, violets and lavender flowers somehow all ended up in the same bed, and....it works!


  1. Aw. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Margaret.

  2. Sending you all warm thoughts and hopes for comfort and progress.

  3. So sorry to hear of your sad situation with your dog... I must say your photos are quite amazing though... L

  4. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Your photos are beautiful and your garden looks great but our hearts ache for your Margaret. We'll keep her in our thoughts and pray for speedy recovery.

  5. I just wanted to say that this post really touched me, I too am a dog lover and I can only say I pray for the best for your dog. I understand the seasonal reference as well, Sometimes I think that plants respond to our feelings, etc. Maybe its just my imagination but it seems that my plants never look as happy when I'm down.

    Your in my prayers! :D

  6. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for Margaret!

  7. I hope your baby gets better soon. I know how scary that is, waiting for a sign. {{{hugs}}

  8. Sorry to read about your dog. Hope she feels well soon.


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