May 17, 2011

A day at the Brimfield Antiques Show

Between hospital visits with sweet Margaret, I attended the Brimfield Antiques Show, which happens three times a year just down the road from us in Brimfield, Mass. Margaret,  ( who appears to be getting better and who may be home in a couple days if tonights test on kidney function goes well! ) sends her best to all of you who understand how some pets can connect with us. Those vets are amazing at Tufts, and many thanks to all the good wishes! The Brimfield Antiques Show was something that I had planned to attend a few months ago, but I thought that I might not be able to attend due to Muggy's illness, and a business trip to Vancouver that I was supposed to attend. Jeannie, my best friend from college flew out from Minneapolis for a few days, and she planned her trip around this major antiques show - and it just worked out that I could attend, which kept my mind off of Margaret's situation, and it was, as always, interesting. Here are some pic's.

My big take away was that there were fewer sellers, and once you left the main fields, where you must pay to enter, there were more "curated" sellers like the above photo, which appeared to be crafted by, well, rich ladies who wanted to sell 'antiques' or lifestyle junk. Not to be negative at all, for many of these tents we're interesting, but these 'curated' collections were a bit out of place from the true collector displays.
The crab apples in downtown Brimfield made for a very 'New England' scene.

Another 'curated' tent at Brimfield.

I liked this fabric and the color palette. Ideas for home!

Just like visiting Terrain!

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