April 1, 2011

What The F(argo)?

With 8 inches of heavy wet snow on this April Fool's Day, I feel obligated to share the prerequisite Hamamelis and crocus-in-the-snow shots (sans the crocus since the snow crushed them all. 

If the sun comes out, perhaps there will be more images to share before it all melts). Now, back to preparing for my presentation tomorrow on The Alpine Plants of Switzerland and Italian Alps that I am giving at the Berkshire NARGS chapter. This late snow is getting me 'in the mood'.


  1. What a nasty April Fools day surprise for you all. We have had the flurries but not the inches of the nasty white stuff. It will probably go from snow to 90 degrees when it decides to change.LOL!

  2. Ugh, I'm so over this snow!! Yuk.

  3. I know no one wants more snow but it does make your witch hazel look even better. Mine is so tiny compared to yours and it is losing it's blooms. The good point is the hellebores are now coming into their own at it's feet.

    Hopefully the snow melts soon.

  4. Snow in April should not be allowed. However, your photo of the witch hazel in the snow is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Snow in April shouldn't happen, I agree. However, your snow covered witch hazel is absolutely gorgeous!


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