April 8, 2011

Non GMO Phalaenopsis azureus

  A Phalaenopsis azureus hides amongst some hydrangeas of a lesser hue. In their native habitat of Pandora, they are far more common. I was so happy to have found some of these rare plants in a greenhouse in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Sweet.

If only you could smell these P. azureus. They smell like a mixture of Vanilla scented candles, green bamboo and the scent of calla's. In the wild, I think these grow near the glittery Poinsettia, near a waterfall with unicorns and perhaps a rainbow. Pretty.
I hope mine gets a seed pod.


  1. soo...I am guessing that is a color NOT found in nature :)

  2. Looks like they've been feeding the plant floral dye.

  3. What a find! Looks like a great nursery, lots of interesting things.

  4. Wasn't April Fool's day last week? This isn't fair!

  5. Gorgeous!!! That blue is INCREDIBLE.

  6. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Saw them for sale at Home Depot today...


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