April 23, 2011

It came from Mars ( or Tibet )

The Tibetan Rhubarb, ( Rheum palmatum) has a most amazing emergence in the spring garden. Sure, it's palmate leaves are impressive enough, once they unfold, but just as the Bloodroot is blooming ( to stay on theme, here) this inedible Rhubarb begins its season with a gigantic unfolding leaf, and a cracking form, unlike an easter egg, or, um....well, a "Thing" from the horror movie, 'Them'. Whatever, this blood red, brainy, shiny red sack is a little startling, when viewed amongst the wood anemones and Corydalis, where it shares a bed. Easy from seed, folks, so if you want one, this is about the only place to find this Rhubarb which is best grown for its tropical foliage. Try Jelitto, in Germany for seed, it's where I bought mine. Long lived in the garden, these Rhubarbs are strictly ornamental in the garden ( although, it does have a long ethno-botanical history in China).


  1. Amazing! Imagine this sped up in a time lapse video!

    Keep up the great work/blog!

  2. It does look scary! :-D


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