April 11, 2011

Daily Awesome - Gladiolus splendens

As my Gladiolus species collection continues to bloom, as they start to reach the end of their growing season, (at least in the greenhouse), the last of the South African species are flowering. This unusual species is a slightly more unusual one South Africa, Gladiolus splendens.  The scarlet red G.  splendens has a more delicate blossom, which actually looks nothing like a typical gladiolus, if there is a 'typical' gladiolus, this species looks more like a Chasmanthe, then it does a glad, but then again, they are all still placed rather firmly in the genus Iridaceae - the Iris Family). A little challenging to photograph in the evening, when I get home from work, the red is very bright, even on an overcast evening. According to the Pacific Bulb Society gladiolus page, this species was once classified as Anomalesia splendens.

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  1. I've seen this in the wild, near Middelpos, where it can get 0F cold. I imagine this one should be quite cold hardy...once we figure out how to grow it outdoors (at least in Colorado). I planted a number last fall...and got some more to try this year. It's an amazing plant no matter what!


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