March 24, 2011

Daily Awesome - Fritillaria meleagris

A pot of forced Fritillaria meleagris, or Snakes Head Lilies is neither a lily nor the 'snakey head' form of F, meleagris,for  without the checkering, this all white form looks purer and stands out in the garden more. Forced in the greenhouse, these pots are easy and a refreshing change from the typical tulips and narcissus on the same bench. These also don't seem to mind the snow that is falling today.

Common? Sure, but I like the combination of these along with the rarer and the more common tulips, crocus and every-day Dutch bulbs, for all pots are delivering an early spring on the forcing bench. These bulbs were on sale last autumn, and not only planted a few pots to place into the cold frame, I also potted some bulbs even later in December once the ground was frozen, into flats which are still chilling. Those, I will plant into the garden in a few weeks. I adore drifts of F. meleagris planted amongst the woodland, and in just a few weeks, I am certain that the warm sun will bring up the bulbs planted in the ephemeral garden along with the Trillium, Anemones and Corydalis. Come on spring, bring it on!

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  1. I was happy to come across your blog. Nice. You had me with the Cyperus. I grow them as annuals in Portland, Oregon, love how they swoon and carry on. I also see that we share interest in favorite nurseries—some of which you can now peruse on our website, http://plantlust.com/

    We currently include Garden Delights and Cistus (which we're lucky enough to live nearby,) and we're in the process of adding Annie’s Annuals. It’s our goal to provide solid, inspiring plant info for gardeners and nurseries alike.



    P.S. You'd probably like the danger garden blog. Full disclosure, Loree is part of team plant lust, but a fabulous gardener and blogger nonetheless.


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