December 1, 2010

December Grasses

Miscanthus sinensis plumes capture the December sunshine making a late afternoon show. Grasses are a most valuable asset in the late autumn garden, in that period just after the trees loose their foliage, and before the snow covers the ground. They are sheered back to the ground in late February.

Each Miscanthus species has a different seed plume, some remain vertical, whilst others twist and turn. Large grasses require larger format thinking. The most common error gardeners make is planting them too close together. I plant 2 gallon nursery grown grass plants like Miscanthus 6 feet apart, in clumps of 3 to 6. Yes, it requires space, but if you want an impressive specimen planting, you must think big and plant boldly. Grasses require confidence, a dedication of space and some homework before you plant.

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  1. lovely, cant beat ornamental grasses this time of year


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