September 13, 2010

My own private Wisley

 I always admire the raised sand beds at Wisley, the Royal Horticultural Society garden in the UK. So when I built my dream greenhouse, I knew that I wanted something similar in which to display various alpine plants, and precious bulbs. Not quite Wisley, I keep four raised sand beds, two in the front of the greenhouse, and two in the rear. In the front beds, I like to switch our year round, various plant material, whatever looks great at the moment. I know, lame, it's like setting a display for myself, since no one else see's them! My own little botanic garden, I guess.


 Last weekend I switched out the Pelargonium collection, with some early autumn flowering bulbs from Turkey, the middle east and from Africa.
Early Cyclamen species in the plunge bed. In two weeks, this bed will have more interesting plants in it as the South African bulbs begin to grow.


  1. Not lame at all,. I'd love to see them some time.

  2. Anonymous7:40 PM

    sand beds-I think them as a makeshift for an unfamiliar climate far from the original habitat
    to go mimic so that cyclamen or the other madeiterranean feel
    at home prosperous as likely hoped.


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