September 12, 2010

Heirloom Tomatoes and Heirloom Eggs

 Oh, sweet tomato. These heirloom varieties all grown from seed that I purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds are from only a handful of plants, ( about twelve, so...OK, a mutant handful). We decided to pick all that had even a little color because our new puppy Lydia ( Liddy Bug) has discovered that what she likes more than hunting the bunny on this side of the garden, and knocking over rare pots of bulbs, and even more than chewing on Echeveria, is eating tomatoes till she pukes.
 Oh, Liddy. At least her mom and dad eat the Kale and Cabbage which they started munching on last week.... ( I don't know why, maybe because they are Irish Terriers).  But the tomatoes are too precious.
This year we grew four plants on bales of straw, which worked out quite well.

The new black and blue Indian Runner ducks have started laying eggs last week, too. The eggs are different shapes at first, some look like pheasant eggs, others, like pigeon eggs. The greenish eggs are from the darker ducks, the grey and the black, and just incase you are thinking that they look exactly like wild Mallard Duck eggs, they do, which is not surprising since Indian Runners are bred from Mallards. Tomorrow? Scambled eggs and heirloom pineapple tomatoes for breakfast!


  1. Long time ago, Tudor Arghezi wrote a poem about Rag, the dog who swallows eggs... but a dog eating tomatoes?!...

  2. Our two lings are getting bigger by the day. G


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