September 5, 2010

Early September Bulbs

This is not a Hessea speciosa ( but the bulb may still be dormant underneath), rather, these are Cyclamen hederafolium seedlings, which ended up in this pot a few years ago. I should have repotted then in August, but forgot that they were in this but because of the label.
 I have many Cylcamen graecum types , and most are muddled since, yes, I lost the tags, these and the following shots are a bit of a mystery. Please share if you know any of these two smaller flowered forms below ( which I think I bought from John Lonsdale, since one it his pot.
 Mystery Cycalmen No. 1 Perhaps a ssp. of graecum? Or C. Cyprium?
 I thought that this might be C. wellenseikii, but it looks like a small C. hederifolium. This had one flower last year, and this year, two. The blossom are very tiny, smaller than 1/4 inch.
 Here is some of the collection set into a larger pot in which a large topiaried Bay Laurel is growing in ( in this way, Lydia can't get to them). Notice the range of flower size.


  1. Hi Matt,

    I've noticed the great variety in the size of Cyclamen flower too, I've also noticed that in individual plants the first leaf is larger and out of scale with the rest of the plant. Have you ever noticed this?

  2. Matt just looked carefully at my plants and Cyclamen mirabile seem to have smaller flowers.


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