August 27, 2010

What large peduncles you have - Nerine falcata

 It takes high summer temperatures in order to get this rare Nerine species to bloom, but alas, we had our hot, dry summer. Much larger than most Nerine species like N. bowdenii and N. sarniensis, this bulb, native to the summer rainfall areas of South Africa, produces a show-stopping flower head, atop a particularly impressive peduncle.  Aside from its pedunculated endowment, below you can see that this tender bulb is growing in a vary large pot, which is prefers since it likes a deep root run. Not a houseplant, but sturdy enough for a cold northern greenhouse, they prefer hot summer temperatures and a bone-dry winter rest. Bulbs are planted with their necks out of the soil, and while in growth, it prefer lots of fresh rain water.
 PEDUNCLE = A stalk supporting an inflorescence.
Baby Lydia and our Nerine falcata


  1. I would really like to start growing this one in my garden as well. Its neat to know that someone's growing it in a greenhouse. Oh, and peduncle is my new favorite word.

  2. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Fantastic, Matt! I have some 4 year old seedlings of this species, it's great to see yours blooming for the second time!

    Jacob Knecht


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