August 16, 2010


Strawflowers, Johnny's Apricot/Peach Mix

You may remember a post I made in April, when I planted the seed for these strawflowers, a popular blend of colors created by Johnny's Selected Seeds of Albion, Maine. It quickly sells out, usually by mid January, so one needs to order it early. I did, and, I planted the 24 seeds that arrived in the packet which all sprouted quickly in the greenhouse. All seemed fine until a mouse ate them all. Luckily, I tore open the packet and couple of seeds were stuck in the seam of the paper folds, ensuring at least three plants which have now bloomed. So basically, I got an apricot, a peach and a nectarine. I can only imagine what the entire mix palette looks like. Here, they are combined with the black Scabiosa. Next year, I will grow more, for I don't think that I've grown strawflowers since I was in my twenties, which was like five years ago, right?

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