August 30, 2010

Garden Bench Round Up

For those with money to spend, there is a wide selection today of garden furniture, so I thought that I might share some tasteful options to the typical English Teak bench we always seem rely on. Pricey? Sure. But let's dream.....this garden bench from France ( circa 1890-1910), available at 1stdibs is perfectly modern and classic at the same time. Its straight lines and bleached walnut wood are contrary to most decorative European movements of the time, and I think inspired more by the Belgium Arts & Crafts movement, which makes blend in timelessly with todays modern aesthetic. I imagine that it was probably was bleached recently, but since bleaching wood is popular again, this remains attractive.
 Quirky Craftsmanship from New Zealand.
Shown at the Chelsea Flower Show this spring, these hand crafted contemporary wooden benches combine a Japanese Wabi Sabi-ness with a Mid-Century Modernist aesthetic. From Moosey's Country Garden in New Zealand.

This dreamy Wrought Iron Regency Bench is on my list. Bid away my friends, for this $7,200 bench is sure to disappear fast. ( probably for closer to $ 4,500 would be my guess) for such a period piece to too rich for most people, but then again, it is at a Connecticut dealer, this will end up on some Long Island summer cottage for sure. It's lines are amazing, graceful form, perfect color, and instant charm for any garden that can afford it.
Here is a bench that you can make yourself. The plans are available here.

The French know their benches. This painted vintage circa 1900 park bench is both rustic and crafty. THe price, more reasonable, at least in comparason with other French benches. at $2350.00 it's as much as a contemporary sofa, right? For those with the deep pockets, go for it here. For the rest of us, use this as inspiration as you got to yard sales and antique shops this autumn.

If you live in Napa Valley, visit the antique dealer MA(i)SONRY, for this vintage red folding garden bench from France.  At $1200, it is a steal.


  1. Hand crafted benches bring an air of rustic and continuity in any gardens.

  2. Great to visit these sizzling garden benches, especially I love that color


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