July 27, 2010

Nicotiana sylvestris- evening scented Tobacco

Mmmmm. Tobacco. Well. this smells not like an ash tray, but more like a bouquet of Jasmine. This tall, fragrant candelabra-flowered tobacco mysteriously self seeded in the garden. I mean, I have had the green flowered Nicotiana langdorfii self seeding in this bed for nearly 2 years, but this seedling emerged, and thankfully I didn't weed it out, for I do enjoy its scent and stature. Nicotiana, generally perform best when either self-seeded, or when seeds are sown, in situ, where they are to grow ( I just wanted to be able to say 'In situ'.).

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  1. Thanks for your explanation. I didn't know until today that " The queen of Night" is tobacco plant.


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