July 7, 2010

Japanese flower prints circa 1900

I love how the artist focused on these Lupine seed pods.

I just found this wonderful reproduction Japanese wood block prints on Winter Works on  Paper, worth checking out their site if you are interested in some botanic prints for plant lovers, that offer subjects that reach far beyond Redoute and the more traditional Curtis prints. These Japanese prints focus on plants that are more unusual, and if anything, less commercial and typical than what one sees in French publications, or in botanic prints.  Clearly, the artist understood plants, and had a deep appreciation for real natural subjects. I just love the combinations which feel a bit random, but completely authentic.

The Euphorbia on the right, a wild form of the Christmas Poinsettia, is a plant I am currently growing on our deck as a container plant.  We had one growing in our garden in Hawaii, when I was in college.

Stokesia blossoms.

 A nice deep red Salpiglosis and what looks like a Chrysanthemum, or Feverfew.

These Siningia ( Florist Gloxinia) look like hybrid forms grown today. They always remind me of summer container displays that my mother would assemble on the front porch.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    These are exquisite. They remind me of some prints that I bought in Kyoto. Botanical subjects, highly stylized in an Art Deco manner, but still, as you say, with an understanding of plants


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