July 15, 2010

I Join Fast Company's Influence Project

As a fun experiment, I've been playing with a test with Fast Company Magazine called The Influence Project. If you would, please  click on this URL vote here  which will connect you with the site anonymously. The project works like this : if you're like me and are interested by how influence works on the Internet and are curious to see what happens when a person's social network is asked to act, this project tracks that. Since I am active with mulitple creative groups beyond this blog, both professionally and with my outside passions, I could not help but be curious about this.
I promise this will not download a virus or get you an inbox full of junkmail, but it will track how many people follow me, or how influencial I am in the world of whatever ( for instance, I know that this blog is number 8 on google for plant blogs), which makes blogging a little fun, and perhaps, influencial, in a way.

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