July 26, 2010

Happy puppy ducky birdie day

Lydia, our new irish Terrier puppy, explores the garden discovering the paths, tastes, and thorns. Still, the pointiest Agaves have been relocated to save soft puppy noses.
 Every path and garden holds new scents and tastes. Lydia is quickly learning the routes.

Everywhere you look, there are things to yank, and chew on. I suppose these tassels are better than the ones inside, if anything, they are longer. Beware all plants.

 Fergus and Margaret are not too thrilled, but Margaret has already set her place Fergus, not so much. (her mother is Margaret's sister). We are all adjusting, but Fegus' nose is bent out of shape. Speaking of animals, here is what else is happening around the garden....

 We are still designing the pheasantry, but here is a peak at a couple of our fancy Asian pheasants. Here, a Yellow Golden Pheasant, just starting to get it's adult plumage. In the bright sunlight, he looks like he is on fire.
 The regular red from of Golden Pheasant, the male is still in his juvenile plumage.

....and remember that hidden nest of duck eggs we found when we returned from Switzerland?
Momma duck is very broody, which is a good thing, since this is a breed which rarely has females with good motherly instincts. No one, no duck, no person, no crazy Irish Terrier Puppy is getting near these lucky ducks.

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