July 29, 2010

Exploring Tokyo DIY Gardening.org

A fellow contact on a social media site, shared this site with me, and it looks interesting enough to share.
Tokyo DIY Gardening.org, is a site where anyone can post images from the city of Tokyo, organized by category and theme, to share with an online community. It's an interesting model, to try in any city, and hopefully, someone will try it for mine!

 Oh, those Japanese!  Even a simple row of hanging plants can transform a driveway.

In an elementary school, Japanese Morning Glories, (Asagao) grow as both an educational display, and, an ornamental one. No wonder so many Japanese are passionate about certain plants. They learn, early in life to appreciate such things. Culturally, the Asagao is very important to many Japanese people, and even today, the seeds of choice varieties are highly prized.

Anyway, for a hot day like today, it's fun cruising online.


  1. Hi Matt - thanks for sharing our project.

    If you're ever in Tokyo please join us for a morning garden walk.

  2. Looks like a fun site- hope you don't mind my sharing it on my Portland blog. Thank you.

  3. Those gardens look lovely. I like the way they arranged those flowers and took advantage of their bright colors. The Japanese are really good at this.

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