July 6, 2010

Eucryphia glutinosa

In bloom today is rather rare, if not unusual small tree, Eucryphia glutinosa,  a Chilean tree with white, camellia-like blossoms, many of which have a fragrance (this one does not). I've started trying many of the more unusual Chilean trees and shrubs as container plants in my cold greenhouse, hoping that these Southern Hemisphere plants will bloom during the winter. But as you can see, this Eucryphia glutinosa is blooming during a heat wave, on the deck. With more plant collectors, collecting in South America, I think that we can expect many new plants introduced to horticulture, many hardy in zones 9 and up, but also, many fine container plants such as this tree, which I read about in Daniel Hinkley's,  The Explorer's Garden, and decided that I had to have it.( just as much as you should get his book! - I have a list, four pages long of new shrubs and plants to get for the cold greenhouse).

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  1. 4 pages! I think you will need a new greenhouse.


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