June 6, 2010

An impractical overindulgence, with yellow peonies

Ever since I read Martha Stewart's first book on gardening, called 'Martha Stewart, Gardening' (1996), where she showed photos of vases full of yellow tree peonies, I dreamed that someday, I too would be able to pick enough yellow peonies to fill a vase. Not pink, not white Festiva Maxima, not magenta, crimson, vermillion, red, but yellow. That day has finally come, with four varieties giving me enough flowers to pick, and even give to some neighbors. They only last a day or two once picked, for the shatter with even the hint of a breeze, but each hour has filled the house with their fragrance.


  1. Well, aren't you nice to share! I would be hoarding if I had any of these. :-)

  2. This is fantastic, I'm glad you reached your goal!
    My ultimate impractical gardening goal is to make a cup of coffee from beans I've grown myself.
    My interim goal is to have a beautiful bouquet of tulips from my own garden.
    One day...

  3. No fair, you didn't i.d. them! I'm guessing Border Charm, Prairie Charm , Bartzella and ?? I have Border Charm and have to agree that it is quite a thrill to pick a yellow peony.


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